Parker's Benghazi assessment on target and other letter to the editors

Parker's Benghazi assessment on target and other letter to the editors

May 18th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Parker's Benghazi assessment on target

Kathleen Parker is an incredible writer. As far as I am concerned her column "Why it matters who's responsible for Benghazi" covered the waterfront, and nailed down the coffin.

Normally, when I read a piece like this, it either goes too far or not far enough, and I am left dangling in dismay by a perfunctory commentary.


GOP trying to exploit Benghazi situation

It is so sad the way Republicans are trying to exploit the Benghazi tragedy. Robin Smith's column revealed nothing new. It's evident the motivation behind this endless nonsense is to create talking points to use against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Republicans continue holding hearings and find nothing. Yet they can't shut up. During the presidential debates, Mitt Romney had opportunities to put the president on the defensive. He couldn't!

Obama was clear. "It's shameful to try and use this tragedy to score political points."

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who served several Republican presidents, said frankly, "My decisions would have been just as theirs were."

Former diplomat Gregory Hicks and two other State Department witnesses shed little new light on the key questions at issue: 1) could the U.S. military have done more, and 2) did the Obama administration intentionally mislead the American people.

An independent review board concluded that neither accusation was true. Their hypocrisy is transparent! They made no fuss about Condi Rice not alerting Bush that the Saudi were learning to fly planes to attack us. It was in the daily intelligence brief! A shameful double standard! 2,996 Americans died on 9/11 in the bloodiest attack in American history.


Finding immigrants in yard is a good thing

What to do? We have had Mexican/Central American immigrants hanging out and eating in our backyard for several days now. I count at least six. Sometimes there are scuffles.

At first I thought I should report this to authorities but decided instead to invite them to stay. So I made the sugar-water mix they love and hung out our hummingbird feeders. These tiny ruby-throated rascals came all the way from Central America and Mexico, a long, arduous journey, I'm sure. And we welcome them back once again!

DICK MOREL, Signal Mountain