Society is to blame for gun violence and other letters to the editors

Society is to blame for gun violence and other letters to the editors

May 30th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Society is to blame for gun violence

In reference to letter April 25 discussion on guns: One reader (who I agree with) argues that knee-jerk politicians are always eager to pass yet more gun laws that will go unenforced no matter the constitutional consequences, just to get re-elected. If there really was a 90 percent approval for background checks, it would have passed handily.

Another reader affirms that "a child's right to live has been superseded by anybody's right to own a gun."

That right was surrendered long before Newtown -- it is a failure of our culture, not guns.

Our society has morphed into broken families with fatherless children, poorly educated or prepared for any job skills, bearing a keen sense of victimhood and entitlement, fostered by a no-boundaries culture from multi-media -- what do you expect?

Two things that will never go away in this country are guns and criminals. Millions of responsible gun owners observe gun laws, practicing safety first -- criminals don't.

The minute I learn that my responsibly owned gun somehow locks, loads, aims and fires itself, I will immediately join the gun control bandwagon.

WARREN DANIEL, Chattanooga

The difference between left, right

Liberals are of intellect and university. Conservatives are of the market place.

Liberals applauded Jesus when he attacked the money changers. Conservatives cursed him for interfering with commerce.

Liberals celebrate the diversity of religion. Conservatives embrace the dogma.

Liberals will tax the rich and give food to the poor. Conservatives will bring food to the rich on the backs of the poor.

Liberals will hold the child's hand. Conservatives will whip the child with a stick.

Liberals live with the sword. Conservatives live by the sword.

Liberals seek truth. Conservatives invent their own truth.


IRS antics prove need for flat tax

If another reason is needed to endorse a national sales tax or flat tax, the recent antics of the IRS provides it. Beside the fact that this agency of the federal government is a major expense to individuals, businesses and the government, it is a bully and a political tool.

GORDON OVERBEY, Fairfield Glade, Tenn.