Bennett's cartoons on gripelist and other letters to the editors

Bennett's cartoons on gripelist and other letters to the editors

May 31st, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Bennett's cartoons on gripelist

Of course nothing is perfect and I have just a couple of gripes, similar in nature, about the city. They are Clay Bennett's cartoons and wet chicken manure. Bennett's works cause my nose to twitch, my stomach to rumble and my eyes to water. Having once had neighbors who kept chickens, I must tell you that on a rainy day the chicken droppings had that same effect on me.

I am in my twilight years now and try to maintain good health. To that end, I avoid things that cause distress. Those things are Bennett cartoons and chicken manure.


Editorial prompts a few questions

In response to the editorial, "What's good for the goose," please answer some simple questions:

The editorial states that "conservative groups spent more than $263 million during the 2012 campaign." How much of that was for political purposes? Or did you lump all their spending in this figure? Did $133 million go for social welfare programs?

Also, the "liberal counterparts spent close to $35 million." Why did you not mention that the president asked his supporters not to set up 501c.(4)s until very late in the election cycle? Do you suppose this may have skewed the comparison of dollar amounts spent by these nonprofits?

And finally, the comment about the IRS actions not being a "scandal," lets just wait and see when all the facts come out to make that determination. Based on the testimony from the acting director who resigned, it may take a while. And he was not "fired" -- he was going to retire, and he will get his full benefits, less perhaps two weeks of service time. This may decrease his retirement salary by a few cents a month, if that.

JACK CALLAHAN, Cleveland, Tenn.

Notion that atheists pray is comical

In a recent article about the high court considering the subject of prayer, your writer states that atheists are allowed to offer their prayers publicly.

Perhaps the author, Louie Brogdon, could collect some prayers by atheists and your paper publish them.

Those who have regularly heard and offered up prayers would like to expand our understanding of this important topic. Can't wait.


ALS research needs federal funding

May is ALS Awareness Month, an opportunity to educate Tennesseans about this disease and our search for a cure.

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, attacks a person's nerve cells. Patients become slowly paralyzed while their brains remain functional.

ALS killed my grandfather. I volunteer with the Tennessee ALS Association, and our goal is simple: We hope, one day, no one will experience this disease.

Currently, the cause of ALS is unknown. There is no treatment. And there is no cure -- yet.

That's why we must continue federal funding in 2014 for the ALS Research Program and the National ALS Registry.

I hope my fellow Tennesseans will take time to contact senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker. Please urge them to support continued funding for these programs.

More information is available at

Meagan Frazier, Principal, Smith Harris & Carr President, Tennessee ALS Association Board