Change comes at ballot box and other letters to the editors

Change comes at ballot box and other letters to the editors

November 1st, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Change comes at ballot box

Two letters in the Friday Times Free Press are in need of mild critique. The first appears to exculpate the actions of the so called "tea party" by listing several idealistic core beliefs that they stand for. Most of them are very sensible and I believe most in both political parties would agree. The problem, however, is how do we go about achieving these beliefs. Shutting down the government is not one of them. The second letter also addresses this issue by saying the bitter divide of both parties could create a third party. First, I don't think a viable third party, that people would vote for, would be a bad idea. But the best thing would be at the ballot box. If people would study both sides and keep an open and educated mind before casting their vote, we could see change in government. For now, however, we need to keep recycling Congress in the next few election cycles until both parties figure out who they are working for.

JACK PINE, Dunlap, Tenn

Animal lovers work together

David Cook's recent column concerning the coming together of the city and county animal control facilities is spot on. As the wife of former Humane Society Board member and Animal Care Trust member (which became McKamey), Dan Alderman, I can speak from personal experience that the animal lovers in the city and county need to work together on behalf of the animals. Too often, I see the pettiness and mean-spiritedness of people in the animal community looking out for their own interests, not the interests of the animals. For many of us, Dan and myself included, our pets are our children. And for those with children, pets become a vital part of their families. Dan organized the successful "Dog Daze" at the Chattanooga Market to unite disparate groups helping pets. And Oct. 13 an event to raise money for feral cat spays and neuters, "The Art's Meow," raised more than $4,000. Say what you will about the late Guy Bilyeu, he raised awareness in our community about the plight of thousands of homeless pets and other animals in our area. It is time for animal lovers in the city and county to unite for the animals. Not for themselves.


Students want local information

The fourth grade at Aviston Elementary, located in southern Illinois, is learning about the United States and the different environments, climates, resources and highlights found in each region. The kids in the class think it would be fun to receive postcards, souvenirs, resources, or any information about our great country from each of the 50 states. We hope that people who read this letter will be interested in mailing our class items pertaining to their state.

AVISTON ELEMENTARY, Fourth Grade 350 S. Hull St. Aviston, IL 62216