Tea party helps GOP and other letters to editors

Tea party helps GOP and other letters to editors

November 2nd, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Tea party helps GOP

I have seen quotes from Democrats and establishment Republicans on how the tea party types should let the "adults" run things. Well, it was the "adults" who got us into this mess by acting like children. In 2008, the national debt was $10.7 trillion. The tea party was established in 2009 in response to Obamacare. Because of the tea party, the Republican "adults" were able to capture the House. In the last two elections the "adults" nominated two "moderates" for president who got beaten badly. Thus, the real way to win an election is to be more conservative, not less. Also, the Republicans post-shutdown poll numbers were around 25 percent. These are obviously tea party and true conservatives. Without our votes, the Republicans would lose. So why don't you "adults" continue to insult us and maybe we will just vote for a third party guy or stay home. How can the tea party be blamed for anything with only 60-70 house members? Not to mention they weren't even in existence when 60 percent of the debt was created and Obamacare passed. You "adults" wouldn't know strategy if it bit you on the nose.


Encourage support for clean energy

I agree with the Sierra Club's call for TVA to ramp up support and budget for energy efficiency. Wind energy brings clean power, but, as a leader in energy efficiency, sustainability, and clean energy technology, it makes sense for EPB to encourage TVA to support energy efficiency, too. That's better for all of us.

BRUCE BLOHM, Chattanooga

Infrastructure needs repair

Pork barrel is king and brings out all kinds of hypocrisy in politics. Indeed, Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., and Tom Graves, R-Ga., as well as the other members of Georgia's Republican congressional delegation, all voted for the Water Resources Reform Act. Georgia gets money for the Port of Savannah, Chattanooga for its lock and Kentucky Republicans for the Olmsted Project. Republicans said this would add jobs and improve infrastructure. But, wasn't this what President Obama wanted back in 2009? Obama had a jobs bill to improve roads, bridges and infrastructure. Republicans hate taxes and the growing national debt, but this bill increases the federal government's portion of the money for projects from 50 percent to 75 percent. Obama looks like a man among children.

DAVID BEAN, Chatsworth, Ga.

Benefits for gay partners

America was built by God. Marriage was instituted by God. Now they are being turned over to the gays. In a few days our council will vote for gay marriage. It will start with the benefits for gay partners, but we all know that it will go on to gay marriage.