Looking through a professional lens and other letters to editors

Looking through a professional lens and other letters to editors

November 8th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Looking through a professional lens

Looking through the historical lens of public education reminds us that many of the challenges citizens faced were overcome through the tenacious efforts of parents. Parents moved to educate their children with religious freedom and won. Immigrant parents desired their children to retain traditional language and cultural characteristics. They fought and won. Recent issues in Hamilton County's special education are complex. The lens is foggy and hard to see through. Why? The credentials of professionals are marginalized. Regardless, I am amazed at the strength and perseverance of Luka Hyde's parents. They have steadfastly maintained through this struggle for a free and appropriate education for their child. Many would have given up against mounting pressures from a district's team. You haven't. Don't stop. Your efforts matter, and success on the part of parental efforts have been proven time and again throughout public education's history.


Explain divorce to the kids

A third of marriages (with children) end in a divorce in Hamilton County. One of the effects that divorce can have on a child is all of the added stress that divorce comes with. Younger children often think their parents will get back together. Teenage girls are more likely to become sexually active earlier than girls with intact families. Because of that, girls who live with one parent are twice as likely to become single parents. Teenage boys tend to become hostile and aggressive toward people. As divorce becomes more common, it's time to address what should happen during and after the process so that kids will be the most benefited. First, try to be as mature about the divorce as possible. The better the parents handle the divorce, the better the children will respond to it. Also, be honest about what's happening. Saying mommy or daddy is going on "vacation" or other excuses aren't good approaches. Then listen to them. Most of the time, the children are the most affected by the whole divorce, so parents should take time out to listen to their feelings and questions. Finally, let them know that no matter what, nothing is their fault.


CEO pay and fair play

I wonder if the pay of the CEO of Erlanger will be considered when pension pay will be discussed, or will his golden parachute not be factored in? He is an employee of the hospital is he not? Lets be fair to everyone.