'Times have changed for gay citizens in Chattanooga' and more letters to the editor

'Times have changed for gay citizens in Chattanooga' and more letters to the editor

November 19th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Times have changed for gay citizens

How far we have come since the 1980s when I worked for the city of Chattanooga. At that time, I made no mention of being gay and fortunately, only needed benefits for myself. I didn't really fear losing my job, but I was always aware of the possibility. Shifting careers in the early '90s, I became a clinical social worker, joining a profession committed to ending all forms of oppression, providing fair and equal treatment for all. Since that time, I have done all I could to foster this approach to treating people who want to lead responsible, productive and contributing lives.

I am pleased that Chattanooga is considering legislation to extend benefits to domestic partners of city employees and to broaden the non-discrimination provision to include sexual orientation. My partner and I joined a gym because it offered joint membership if we share a common household, which we have for nine years. Some council members and the Mayor have already expressed support for fair and equal treatment. Adopting this provision would further the work done over recent years to make Chattanooga a progressive city.


Stop funding family benefits

In regard to the same-sex benefits controversy in Chattanooga: One way to end this controversy is to take benefits away from everyone!

Why should partners and children be the business of Chattanooga government? Nobody but the employee, himself or herself, should have workplace health benefits.

Save money! If you can't provide for a partner or a family, don't have a partner or a family. Easy!


Dayton, Tenn.

Oppose same-sex benefits for city

As I read the article, "Chattanoogans have say on same-sex benefits" published on Nov. 6, 2013, I found myself shaking my head. I strongly believe this should not be an issue. How is it that we have confused liberty with profligacy? People have given up on the righteous law of God and adopted conformities to this world. If same-sex issues should become law, it will simply be the law of men. While I do not hate homosexuals, I cannot condone to their behavior. The law of God is clear and he finds it an abominable sin. People have the right to make decisions even when wrong, but I hope the state does not pass a law that will make it right to do wrong, whether you are a Christian or not there is a voice that speaks from the depths of our hearts and it is crying out: "Open your eyes and see your shame!"


Collegedale, Tenn.

No excuses for ACA

Everything surrounding the Affordable Care Act is unraveling, and we really shouldn't be surprised. After all, our federal government doesn't have a very good track record of working together on just about anything. Todd Park insisted Wednesday that the only problem with the government health care website was volume. "Take away the volume and it works." he said. What a statement! Did no one at the White House realize what the volume was going to be like? Caesar Augustus was no better off some 2,000 years ago. Bethlehem was overloaded with people trying to register. The common people suffered: Mary and Joseph had no room in the inn. By the way, Joseph was denied coverage and had to care for Mary himself. But their little family didn't do too poorly, did they?


Ringgold, Ga.