It would be a shame to sell TVA and other letters to the editors

It would be a shame to sell TVA and other letters to the editors

November 25th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

It would be a shame to sell TVA

It would be a shame if TVA were sold. Few know the city we enjoy wouldn't exist if it weren't for dams they built by an unemployed public.

Nor should we overlook their investment in power infrastructure which enabled growth in industry above the national norm. To the federal government, TVA is relatively small potatoes and when there must be choices, which states support the Obama administration and which impugn and undermine his efforts?

Think of what happened to the coal industry and connect the posture of its politicians in states where coal is important. Whether we like it or not, perhaps, we should respect the office of the presidency. It is one powerful office. And besides, Obama won the majority of votes.

JOHN F. EARY, Ringgold, Ga.

Veterans should salute the flag

If you see a civilian saluting at a football or basketball game, you'll be looking at an American veteran.

A grateful Congress has honored all veterans with the special privilege of rendering the military salute at flag ceremonies - as you do with your hand over heart.

Active duty and reserve veterans all gave service to our nation and endured, to varying degrees, the privations of military life, for which they and their families are justifiably proud. There is no question that the public loves and respects its veterans and the sight of veterans saluting is a patriotic enrichment of our traditional flag ceremonies. From now on, vets, show us who you are; give the flag a salute.


Team sports help kids' health

In light of the national health care debate that has earned so much of the media's attention lately, one important area that should not be ignored is the way in which children's chronic illnesses, including obesity and asthma, may be curbed by their participation in sports at a young age. Many studies have proven that physical activity leads to kids' feeling of overall health and happiness. For example, cases of asthma have been diagnosed more frequently in recent years and are often linked to growing environmental pollution.

It has been proven that swimming has major benefits to children's breathing ability and oxygen uptake, deterring major symptoms of asthma attacks. Kids who may not otherwise have an opportunity to join a social group benefit from their involvement in a team setting.

Chattanooga should address this problem head-on by stepping up to promote and developing outdoor-based, summer activities that encourage sports in young children. If the city can promote a healthy life in kids with chronic health issues, it may influence all groups of kids to enroll in sports and maintain that wellness as they grow, while giving them the opportunity to create social ties that last a lifetime.