Military doesn't respect Christians - and more letters to the editors

Military doesn't respect Christians - and more letters to the editors

November 26th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Military doesn't respect Christians

Christians in the military are being persecuted for their beliefs.

The Marines were told to stop supporting Operation Christmas Child - Franklin Grams outreach to poor children because it was Christian. Christian prayers were banned at military funerals.

In 2011 Walter Reed Military Hospital baned Bibles and "religious materials from being given to soldiers. In March 2012 the Army labeled Evangelicals and Catholics as "extremist" along with the KKK and Al-Qaeda. Obama objects to the Flemming Amendment which would protect religious freedoms for soldiers.

Recently at Camp Shelby Mississippi, soldiers were told that the American Family Association and the Family Research Council, both evangelical in their beliefs were considered "hate groups" lumped with Neo-Nazi's and the KKK. Fort Hood Texas soldiers were told that the tea party and pro-life groups were "a threat to America" and anyone who supported such groups would be punished. Sargent William Monks was relieved of duty because he believes in the Biblical view of marriage.

What is a Christian to do?

First, pray for our military. Secondly, speak out - let your congressman and senators know how you feel about our soldiers being punished for holding Biblical beliefs! Thirdly, be prepared. Persecution is in our schools, our places of business and is coming to our churches should our leaders choose to speak for truth.

Sadly out of 18000 churches in Germany, only about 200 choose to take a stand for truth. Will America do much better?

To contact your congress person or senator call 202-224-3121.


No vote neededon domestic partners

Having served for eight years on a city council in the Birmingham area before moving here in 2012, I find the call for an election on the issue of domestic partner benefits ill considered.

A city council is elected by the people to represent them in decisions regarding the administration of municipal government. These elected officials pool their collective wisdom for the guidance of the city. This form of government assures an efficient, effective and representative way to run local government.

If every administrative or legislative question were put to a vote of the people, government would grind to a halt.

When I was president of the city council, we proposed a change in form of government. Legally we had the option of making the change via council vote or election. Changing the form of governance in our opinion warranted a vote of the people.

The question of employee benefits is very basic and routinely handled by city councils throughout our country. Our opportunity for a voice on routine municipal issues came when we voted for our representatives. No further election is required.