Reaction to public hearing - and more letters to the editors

Reaction to public hearing - and more letters to the editors

November 27th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Reaction to public hearing

On Oct. 22, I attended a City Council meeting. Allegations of hate and denial of rights were leveled against anyone not favoring domestic partner benefits for city employees. It broke my heart.

I didn't think it was fair to equate respect for God's law with hate. If my heart hurt, what about the heart of God? So I prayed.

In a moment of brokenness and humility, I realized I had to give up my "right" to be right, just as Jesus had given up His rights when He died for me. Then, and only then, could I know true peace and be able to love as He loves. My storm ceased. As always, He had majestically swept past the issue at hand and gone to the war that really mattered -- the condition of my heart.

The peace that followed was incredible. It was the kind that makes it possible to genuinely pray for those with whom you disagree. The only way to win is to surrender to a love that conquers every foe that would pit us against one another and foment hate and minimize the incredible sacrifice of God in Christ dying for all our sins.


Did Bennett Really do it?

OMG! I have been busy and although buying a paper daily my reading it has been a hit or a miss.

I am just now reading the Sunday paper and realized upon reading The Rant that I missed a very important historical moment.

Please, I beg of you, please reprint or tell me the date of the paper where Clay Bennett created a cartoon critical of Obama!

JAN CHAMPAN Summerville, Ga.

Don't ignore Tyner sports

Tyner folks would appreciate better coverage for our sports team. On the front page, Cleveland and Dalton scores are shown.

We would love to see Tyner's team score there.


President's words no longer impress

Since 2008, I have listened to and watched the President's rhetorical puffery with some humor and the effect it had on our giddy young voters. I'm told one even fainted.

After learning that millions of people have received cancellation notices through the mail I don't see the humor anymore.

It is a sad commentary that I have to dread going out to the mailbox every morning.

JOHN COLE, East Ridge