TVA needs renewables and other letters to editors

TVA needs renewables and other letters to editors

November 28th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

TVA needs renewables

EPB (Electric Power Board) has certainly been a leader in establishing energy efficiency for its customers, but TVA seems to be keeping the lid on their programs. As TVA's integrated resource program starts up in the search for a future balanced energy portfolio to fit the times, energy efficiency and renewables should make up a far larger percentage of that balance than is now the case. I'm hoping that EPB, as a powerful model, will urge TVA to step away from its fossil and nuclear fuel mindset and move toward more sustainable ways of electrical generation and delivery. It will be cheaper and healthier for customers.


Beware changes by Obama

There are five ways to destroy our country: Nationalize businesses, which President Obama tried to do with the auto and health care industry. Hyperinflation is caused by printing too much money to pay for fiscal spending. Inducing a currency crisis by allowing corporations to use their treasuries to influence and corrupt federal elections. It is called soft money. The Democrats in the 1990s exploited a loophole created by the FEC in 1970. Subsidize businesses. He is now wanting to subsidize insurance companies if they have to spend too much money on Obamacare. Become a dictator by using executive orders to go around Congress. This is how Hugo Chavez fundamentally transformed his oil rich country into a broken system which now looks like North Korea. Do you like these changes which have come to America?


Elementary school memories linger

They tore down my old school, but they will never take away all the good memories of that old brick school. I am proud to say, when I went to that little elementary school, "Our country still had morals". Mrs. Nell Davis taught Bible class and we had the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. Our little school has one janitor, or as they say now days: custodian. He was a black man and all the kids loved him. His name was Emmit and he was our hero. We thought he was an "Angel sent from heaven." In those days, we didn't have male teachers, Mrs. Harper was our school principal. Although I can't remember my first grade teacher, my second grade teacher was Mrs. Milburn. Mrs. Day was my third grade teacher. Mrs. Denmond was my fourth grade teacher and Mrs. Foster Davis was my fifth grade teacher. Mr. Morris later took Mrs. Harper's place as principal. I will always cherish the years I spent at that little school on John Ross Road in East Ridge. Years 1949 through 1953.


Don't judge Marion County

Marion County is one of the prettiest sites in the state or anywhere else. We are very proud of it. We have the best judicial and county clerks anywhere. We are happy with the services we pay taxes for. The reason I am writing is for the people who are reading what's going on over here, but are confused by our schools. There are three Marion County high schools. One Marion County High School is located in Jasper. It is the largest. Whitwell has the next largest, and South Pittsburg is the smallest. We still meet for silent prayer at the 40-yard line. We will pray for those who vandalized our school.