Get rid of street preachers and other letters to the editors

Get rid of street preachers and other letters to the editors

November 30th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Get rid of street preachers

What's UTC doing with a street preacher on campus in the first place? I thought that went out of vogue in the '80s. They were asking for trouble and they got it. What administrator approved this? Maybe in the future they will have better judgment. I certainly hope so. This situation would have been handled very differently when I was there in the '70s and '80s.


History lesson on freedoms

The Free Press Nov. 15 editorial "Supreme Court to Rule on Public Prayer," quotes Edward Gibbon's description of religious freedom and tolerance in the ancient Roman Empire. The editorial omitted one critical fact: Gibbon's description was about Rome under Pagan rule. When the Christians took over, they destroyed religious freedom. Jews could go on being Jews, but they had to suffer for it. Everyone else had to be Catholic. The new church-state set out to exterminate every competing brand of Christianity (and there were dozens of them), as well as every brand of Paganism. The long history of Christian tyranny and cruelty began with the religious cleansing of the Roman Empire. And what those ancient Christians did to Rome, the modern Christian Right wants to do to America.


Gitz commentary off the mark

Dr. Bradley Gitz writing in the News Free Press "Guest spot" Saturday, Nov. 16, postulates that liberalism may have been worse for black Americans than racism. Really? Nearly three hundred years of subjugation, Jim Crow, and plain discrimination (while bad enough) is not nearly as bad as the "hammock" of some minimal assistance with food and housing? Gitz, quoting horrible statistics of (Black) net worth, "Baby Mamas", incarceration rates, and venereal disease concludes, "What has been worse for black Americans in recent decades, racism or liberalism?" Probably we could get some very direct answers from the actors themselves, but does any observant citizen really think there is equity in education, jobs, etc.? Words fail me regarding this screed; the only one coming to mind is "stunning". Borrowing Times cartoonist Clay Bennett's caption from the same day cartoon, showing a couple leaving church and saying to the Minister, ..."I've never heard bigotry sound so virtuous."


Don't forget those in need

These are such tiring, frightening times now for everyone. Sure, it's questionable whether things will get better. But, we must have faith. The people hurt by typhoon destruction in the Philippines need our help -- prayers too. Keep in mind our needs here, due to our economy and so many out of work. I feel our hands are tied especially those who live on limited incomes. Hopefully, we can all be grateful this Thanksgiving season for what we have, and, just one day, praise and be thankful for what God has done for us. Share your blessings with someone, and put the world's misfortune in God's hands.