'Anti-tax sentiments and America's roots' and more letters to the editor

'Anti-tax sentiments and America's roots' and more letters to the editor

October 2nd, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Anti-tax sentiments and America's roots

Nothing defines the American political psyche more than the fact that we don't like to pay taxes. Our founding fathers' mantra was "no taxation without representation." They really meant "No taxation, period!" No campaign rhetoric gets more votes today than a promise to lower taxes.

Ironically, middle income Americans who pay substantial income and sales taxes will readily support cuts in income, capital gains and estate taxes for millionaires who need them the least. They approve these reductions even though it might cause their own taxes to increase. They are also easily persuaded that we desperately need "tax relief" (George W.'s terminology), even though our tax rate is the third lowest in the developed world and the absolute lowest among the wealthiest nations. The American middle class has been taken in.

But we come by this anti-tax mystique honestly, it traces back to our roots. A nation founded on a tax revolt, Americans seem to have a natural "aversion" not only to taxes, but to government in general.

Possibly due to a psychological phenomenon called "last place aversion," throughout our history our tax policies have mostly favored entrenched wealth over the average American. We need to rethink some things.



God predicted persecution

It is sometimes difficult to understand being sad and yet happy at the same time. I am saddened by all the hatred spewing forth from perceived decent people, and yet happy for the validation of the accuracy of the Bible which prophesied that this would happen in the last days of earth's current status.

You don't like the Bible? That is your prerogative. But your dislike comes as no surprise to avid students of God's Word. The thousands of its predictions of future events that have proven to be true have strengthened my faith in God all the more. Even though it is also prophesied that people like me will face deprivation, even death as in the Dark Ages, I will still hold to the proven fact that God has better days ahead for the true believer. And He doesn't require that I strap a bomb on my belly to prove it. All He asks of me is to love my fellow man/woman.

That love for whoever you are is prompting me to invite you to find out for yourself what Jesus has prepared for His people. Don't listen to the "other force".


Cleveland, Tenn.