Judge's decision is questioned - and more letters to the editors

Judge's decision is questioned - and more letters to the editors

October 5th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Judge's decision is questioned

Is Judge Kim Summers out of her mind? How could she possibly inflict (officers) Emmer and Cooley on the population of the city of Chattanooga again? Does she not understand that these two knuckle-draggers can't be trusted with either authority or weapons?

I have read her "decision" and it's nothing more than 33 pages of legal drivel. Bobby Dodd can't spare two good officers to protect a crazy judge from citizens who will want, and rightly so, to get right in her face and ask if she is out of her gourd?

I don't particularly like Andy Berke, but even he knows that these two Wyatt Earps might kill somebody eventually.

I suggest every citizen start the process of getting a handgun carry permit from the state to show the city of Chattanooga we can defend ourselves and we won't tolerate abuse from armed rodeo clowns.

And as for those who have been so brainwashed that they wouldn't think of resisting a cop, I would suggest at least a catcher's mask and shin-guards.


End meth addiction

Why can't the state legislature just pass one law for the whole state making these pseudoephedrine products prescription only?

The first two states to consider this ordinance, succeeded. Meth labs disappeared and crime rates dropped like a stone. The next 23 states to try to pass it, failed. Why?

Pharmaceutical companies weren't about to lose any of their billion dollars in annual sales just to stop a drug plague that kills people, terrorizes children and is a threat to public health. They launched an NRA-type PR campaign and threatened to reel in campaign donations to legislators just so they could keep supplying the drug lords.

Fifteen Tennessee cities and four counties have passed this ordinance. A local law enforcement official told me that they can't arrest their way out of this. A local physician and criminal court official told me it is the only way to go.

Therefore, it is up to Tennesseans to rid the state of these drug dealers one town at a time. We alone can protect our children and make our communities safe.

Meth was born here. Now it desperately needs to die here.

DAVID CLARK, Tullahoma, Tenn.