Immigration laws should be enforced - and more letters to the editors

Immigration laws should be enforced - and more letters to the editors

October 6th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Immigration laws should be enforced

Many think that people who are illegally in this country need to be penalized because they broke the law.

The truth is that our nation's immigration laws need to be followed because it is the right thing to do. It would be great if the U.S. could open its doors to everyone who wants or needs to come here; but then our population of 300-plus million would quickly swell to over 1 billion.

Think what the ramifications would be for our natural resources and international relations? We are not the melting pot we once were.

Most immigrants are primarily speaking their native language and not integrating with those outside their communities. Instead of amnesty for people here illegally, we need a strict, but just, enforcement of illegal immigration; combined with a decrease in the granting of legal status.


GOP interested only in selves

The Republicans are representing their own political interests, not the will of the people.

When President Obama was elected he made the Affordable Care Act a top priority. Congress voted for it. Obama won re-election and the Supreme Court upheld it. Yet the Republicans have tried scare tactics such as calling it "socialism" and attempted to dismantle the law over 40 times.

Since that failed, their next move is to shut down the government. Tennessee is in the bottom 20 percent of national health and we should want affordable health care. But our representatives are not thinking about our health, or the health of the nation. They will do anything to obstruct President Obama and win their own re-election. They care more about their political survival than about the future of our country.

I have two suggestions. First, contact your representatives and tell them you don't appreciate them sabotaging the country as a last ditch effort to get their way.

Second, I suggest that all elected officials serve one single term of 6 years. This way their focus will be on helping our country prosper, not on furthering their own political careers or hindering the re-election of an opponent.


Washington is dysfunctional

If there was any question that Washington is dysfunctional, it has now been made clear that is the case.

Whether you consider yourself red or blue, you should be purple with anger about Washington's inability to resolve political differences and govern the nation.

Whichever side you are on, you should find fault with elected officials who are not sufficiently skilled in negotiation, persuasion, and compromise to be effective leaders. For both parties the best course for the nation is somewhere between their polar positions.

So what is to be done?

It is said that it is a sign of insanity to repeat an action and expect a different result. So replace the inept elected officials and expect -- no, demand a better result. The "Reelect no one" slogan has taken on new impact. Take it to heart. Send a message, and reflect no one.


GOP is being reckless

Most Republican members of the House are being reckless and irresponsible in forcing a government shutdown. They are acting like spoiled brats, throwing a tantrum over a law that was passed by a majority of Congress. Their conduct imperils our nation.

They need to grow up and act like adults. We need a responsible GOP, not what we're getting.


Thanks for 'Best of Best' vote

On behalf of the First Things First team, I would like to thank the greater Chattanooga community for voting FTF, "Best of the Best" Non-Profit 2013! What a tremendous honor!

For 16 years, our goal has been to provide the best resources to you to assist you in your efforts to build strong families. We are thankful for this award and the opportunity to serve our great community in such a meaningful way.

In Honor of the Family,


City needs red light cameras

Today, I stood at a crosswalk at Fourth and High streets and watched a silver sedan stop and the red light, creep into the crosswalk, then drive straight through the red light as if it were a stop sign.

I live nearby and have heard multiple accidents at this intersection and have watched numerous cars run the light more than a full second after it has turned red. This happens all over the city. P

ersonally, when I'm driving, I protect myself by waiting a full second or more after my light turns green before proceeding-- just in case some idiot decides the red light doesn't apply to them. It happens everywhere, at every light, every day. Just watch, and you'll see it, too.

It's only a matter of time before this stupid behavior causes a fatality. And, since drivers aren't going to correct themselves, it's time the city stepped in and did something about it.

Cameras are the most obvious solution. We use them for speeding, where the city is just looking for revenue. Why don't we use them where they can actually prevent accidents? Or does someone have to die first?


Judicial system is a let down

Once again the judicial system let us down. Kim Summers, the so-called judge who exonerated and reinstated the two local police thugs, should herself be replaced.

Her decision is akin to another so-called judge in Montana, who recently sentenced a convicted rapist--of a 14-year-old--to only 30 days in jail. I would wager that both of these judges must have missed more than a few critical classes while in law school.

I'm afraid that this recent denial of justice is merely a snapshot of America, a place where bullies rule and laws often do not protect the innocent.

When a country can get away with invading another country, killing thousands, as the U.S. has recently, policemen who use their status to beat smaller, unarmed citizens, is but the trickle-down effect. Both of these actions --wars in Iraq/Afghanistan, and the beat-down our "officers" applied to the non-combative drunk -- make me ashamed to be an American.


Loving fiercely is hard work

The concept of "love the sinner, hate the sin" is flawed and dangerous.

According to the CDC, the attempted suicide rate is more than twice as high for gay teens compared to their heterosexual peers. These are kids who may have never even had a romantic relationship, yet realize who they are and already feel rejected by their social community.

In other words, they do not feel loved.

Many otherwise decent, church-going folks have pushed people towards suicide, towards drug use, towards the very "sins" they rail against, precisely because they have not truly loved people. I wish this were just my opinion, but it is a heartbreaking fact.

Love with conditions is not really love; it is a selfish pretense based on pride. The type of radical love that Jesus himself lived knows no bounds. It breaks down walls, sees the humanity in each other, the divine in each other and celebrates it to the high heavens.

This is not pie-in-the-sky optimism. Loving fiercely is hard work. I have the joy and privilege to be involved with a church that understands this.

At Northminster Presbyterian Church, the doors are always open.


Workers should have private vote

So the UAW says they don't want a secret ballot vote by the workers because they "don't want any outside influence" in the process.

Isn't the union an outside influence between the workers and the management?

It appears they want to jam this decision through before the true feelings of the workers can be known.

In America, we have long-held a belief in free, fair -- and secret --elections. Let the Chattanooga craftsmen who built the "Car of the Year" have their say. And let them do it in private.

We are working to remove bullying from our schools Let's remove it from the work place, too!

JO COKE, Signal Mountain