We get what we deserve and other letters to the editors

We get what we deserve and other letters to the editors

October 10th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

We get what we deserve

Have you heard the saying, "We get the government we deserve?" It couldn't be more true at this moment. We have become mean-spirited, angry and vindictive. A Reality TV; 15 minutes

of fame; "What can you do for me?" "It's not my fault," "I'm right and you're wrong," society.

Unless we as people change, this will be the norm for our government. Enjoy.


Do homework on funeral homes

Recently while planning a family members funeral I had an eye opener about locally owned funeral homes.

Most of our funeral homes here in Hixson are owned by outside companies, therefore I did not realize the benefits from locally owned until I did my research. First off we pay higher prices to the outside-owned and the care and compassion and understanding are not always offered at our weakest and most vulnerable moments when we have lost a loved one.

Some folks choose a funeral home by mere name alone and because they have a prearranged policy there. But don't forget that policy or plan can be transferred.

I urge everyone be sure and ask - do your research early before you or our family could be mislead.


Measure pride with support

Some years ago, celebrating the 80th year of the Chattanooga Theatre Centre I wrote the following in an issue of Chattanooga magazine.

"A community can be measured in great part by how well it nurtures the arts. And, by that measure, Chattanooga has many reasons to be proud, among them the Chattanooga Theatre Centre. The Centre has just celebrated its 80th season, making it one of the oldest in America."

No longer proud? Enough said!

DICK MOREL, Signal Mountain

Holy Spirit guides study

This is an answer to James Goodman's article: From the moment I became a Christian, I never had any problem understanding God's word. A lot of it was not clear, but I knew as I studied it more it would become more so. I also had great teachers.

The secret to understanding His word is knowing Him. Without having the Holy Spirit to guide you, you will never understand it.