White House blamed for impasse and other letters to the editors

White House blamed for impasse and other letters to the editors

October 12th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

White House blamed for impasse

The House sent multiple government funding bills to the Senate that defunded and delayed Obamacare. America doesn't want the health care takeover. Yet Harry Reid refuses to negotiate with the House. He'd rather protect Obama's legacy than protect your country from a "train wreck." Obama is trying to blame conservatives for the government shutdown. But he and Harry Reid are the ones refusing to negotiate. We can't let them get away with that.

TONY KUBIK, Soddy- Daisy

Solar savings questioned

Although I am an advocate of renewable energy and appreciate the potential of solar energy, I wonder how the airport solar system means "savings" since the original government investment of $7 million will only result in only $205,000 annual savings.

This is at least a 34-year payout and appears to be to be just another piece of government "pork". What if that $7 million would be invested and drawing interest for those long 34 years?


Apology to people needed

Although Weston Wamp attempts to give a new script for House Speaker John Boehner to address the country and regain control and implement a reversal strategy over this government shutdown; he overlooks the third critical apology -- that to the American citizens! To have him apologize to the tea party, to the Republican party and not directly to the people, does not support Mr. Wamp's efforts.

TOM OPAL, Ooltewah

What about 'right to work'?

I own a 2012 Passat, made here in Chattanooga. It's a great car but probably my last. Forget the debate over "is the UAW good or bad."

Didn't VW know that Tennessee is a right to work state when they came here? Sounds to me that they are trying to force a union on the workers and our state as a condition for future growth and employment.

Isn't that in violation of the right-to-work laws? I thought the Germans had given up "dictatorship" back in the 1940s. Guess not.

GORDON SMITH, Signal Mountain