Reaching across the generations for leadership and other letters to the editors

Reaching across the generations for leadership and other letters to the editors

October 13th, 2013 by Mark Kennedy in Opinion Letters

Reaching across the generations for leadership

I was excited to read two recent editorials by Weston Wamp. They reflected what I believe is the kind of thinking Republicans must have if there is going to be a Republican Party of the future. He lays out views of moderation and reasonableness that will bode well for him should he run for office again, and I hope he does. He certainly will have my support, even though I don't consider myself a Republican. Our country needs sound thinking and fresh ideas from our brightest young people to compete on the world stage of the future. We cannot expect to excel with the 20th century thinking and philosophy that represents our country in Congress now. I am an 82-year-old man who understands that our future is with our young people. Congratulations to your editor for publishing Mr. Wamp's fresh new approach to politics.

-- LEO MATHENY, Cleveland, Tenn.

GOP actions hateful insanity

In order to block millions of Americans from getting desperately needed health care, and even food for starving children, the tea-bagger controlled GOP pulls their latest stunt -- the government shutdown. The national and international repercussions of this spoiled-brat action could possibly spiral into worldwide depression! At best, it will lead to economic distrust for our country. This shutdown is something that should never have even been allowed to be. This actually is to not allow an incurred debt to be paid. Why this was even in question is totally absurd. One of the most idiotic lines from hateful right-wing nuts is: "We can't afford that." How stupid are Americans to swallow that nonsense? At latest count, there were 461 billionaires in the nation. Republicans would hand over all of our wealth to those hatefully greedy people such as the Koch brothers (they don't care what color their slaves are). Do you choose to be so ignorant, to not even seek and find out what is going on? Everyone of you will eventually suffer the consequences of the insanity of fools who support and vote for any of today's Republican politicians. It truly is hateful insanity!

WALTER M. BENTON, Signal Mountain

Tea party holds nation hostage

"You can be right --or you can be married." This pithy bit of wisdom illustrates the importance of compromise in relationship. Compromise is a necessity of life. It is also a value of our democratic process. Our founders built compromise into the system, making sure one ideology could not force its will onto the larger whole. Conservatism and liberalism, in balance, help serve the best interests of the entire country. But tea party terrorists have abandoned the democratic process. While the Affordable Care Act followed the democratic process and was legally voted into law, they are attempting to hold the entire nation hostage in order to overturn that law. Don't let them succeed. Terrorism has no place in our government. What's to stop them holding the country hostage every time they don't get their way? Demand they do their jobs -- vote them out next election cycle.


Make meth parts prescription only

Why can't the state legislature just pass one law for the whole state making these pseudoephedrine products prescription only? The first two states to consider this ordinance succeeded. Meth labs disappeared and crime rates dropped like a stone. The next 23 states to try to pass it failed. Why? Pharmaceutical companies weren't about to lose any of their billion dollars in annual sales just to stop a drug plague that kills people, terrorizes children and is a threat to public health. They launched an NRA-type PR campaign and threatened to reel in campaign donations to legislators just so they could keep supplying the drug lords. Fifteen Tennessee cities and four counties have passed this ordinance. A local law enforcement official told me that they can't arrest their way out of this. A local physician and criminal court official told me it is the only way to go. Therefore, it is up to Tennesseans to rid the state of these drug dealers one town at a time. We alone can protect our children and make our communities safe. Meth was born here. Now it desperately needs to die here.

DAVID CLARK, Tullahoma, Tenn.

Don't let media lead us astray

I believe a letter writer in Tuesday's [Oct. 8] paper is mistaken in his assessment of our government acting like children. First of all, it is not accurate to label the entire group of politicians as children. But unfortunately many of them, both Republican and Democrat, are power hungry, greedy elitists who got rich in politics and now believe that they are better than the taxpayers they are supposed to be working for. As for the tea party candidates, they are the only ones fighting for our constitutional rights. So if you want to label anyone as a spoiled, little, rich kid just take a look at our president, who will bend over backward to make nice with Iran's president while at the same time he refuses to try and settle issues with our own leaders. His administration spends money we supposedly don't have to intentionally shut down public and private venues, in an attempt to make the American people uncomfortable and angry, while he manages to keep his golf course open. This isn't about the people. This is a power struggle. And if we don't start using our own minds instead of feeding on what the liberal media is doling out we can kiss this great nation goodbye.


'Teabillies' turn to destruction

A pernicious strain of nihilism has invaded America. Significant numbers of the powerful are dedicated to tearing our country down rather than making it stronger. "Teabillies" in Congress have turned the War on Poverty into the war on the poor, sick and disabled, slashing food stamps while lavishing themselves and their financial backers with giant government subsidies, contracts and tax cuts. At the same time they are willing to sabotage our government to prevent millions of poor and sick Americans from getting essential health care. White fear seems to fuel this nihilism. White men have been on the top of the social structure since the beginning of our nation. Now that is changing. Whites will soon be in a minority in America. Blacks, Hispanics and women are increasingly moving into positions of power. Frequently, white men are not even the primary breadwinners in their own families. Even "teabillies" can read the writing on the wall, and they have turned their fear into obstructionism and destructiveness. The change will come. The only question is how much damage can these white nihilists inflict on our nation before they are dragged screaming from the stage. TERRY STULCE Ooltewah Tea party votes show stupidity Based on Mr. Price's definition of stupid, how stupid is the tea party? Last I read, they introduced and voted on the same legislation more than 40 times to kill the ACA.

LEONARD FELDHEIM, Cleveland, Tenn.

Letters an assault on Christians

I was born in Chattanooga 75 years ago. I became a Christian in my mid-teens. I have served God and humanity in the same church for 59 years. I did not realize I am a backwater, Bible-thumping, cross-flaunting hypocritical bigot, simple enough to believe there is a God and the Bible reveals Him to man. Three of CTFP letter writers [in their August wisdom] have informed me of my self-righteous status. Your letters are a hateful assault on Christians, full of sarcasm, superiority, condescension and pompous pride. You obviously consider yourselves more intelligent than I am. Don't categorize us in such a vitriolic manner. Not everyone responds to God's plan of salvation the same way nor do they view the Great Commission the same way. The Bible is God's word, written at God's direction. It is still relevant because God never changes [Malicali 3:6]. There are the same family and social problems that have always plagued people. People need the instruction guidance and salvation God offers. That is not my opinion, it is God's mandate [Romans 3:10]. We share God's word, and it is the individual's choice to accept it or not. Also, get used to the cross, it will endure God's choice.