Chemotherapy costs debated - and more letters to the editors

Chemotherapy costs debated - and more letters to the editors

October 16th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Chemotherapy costs debated

Did anyone notice that in the Monday, Oct. 7 issue of the Times Free Press, the chief executive officer of Tennessee Oncology said the following: "Pharmaceutical companies will donate chemotherapy drugs to treat the uninsured, while a bronze plan (Obamacare) will cover only 60 percent of the $10,000 monthly cost for chemotherapy."

Is everybody out there who needs this treatment now getting it free? Every person in the state of Tennessee who is now getting chemotherapy should demand that it be free.


Hold officials accountable

"I have a dream! I dream that the executive and legislative branches of our federal government will, by unanimous consent, direct Hillsdale College "Graduate School of Statesmanship" to develop a document to be used to assess the culpability of all living former and current presidents, cabinet secretaries and legislators and to what extent they will be prosecuted and held accountable for "economic treason," the irresponsible and misguided squandering of our nation's financial resources.

Our nation's debt did not happen overnight - it is the result of many decades doing what our nation's founders feared would happen.

Then, I awakened to the realization I was having such a delightful dream that will never happen since those responsible are immune from consequences of their financial folly.

Remember, these people we elected to represent us continue doing what no responsible business or family can do with debt management and expect to survive."


Thanks from Lions Club

The people of Chattanooga are very generous people.

The Brainerd Lions Club would like to thank everyone who donated to our Lions Club fund on Saturday, Oct. 5 at Sam's Club on Lee Highway. We would also like to thank Sam's Club for allowing us the use of their property to collect again.

The money we collect goes right back to the community for various projects.

We pay for eye examinations, we pay for eyeglasses, and help support many other causes. We can only do this through the support from our community. Our motto is "We Serve". Thank you again for making that possible.