Don't ignore the earth and other letters to the editors

Don't ignore the earth and other letters to the editors

October 17th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Don't ignore the earth

Even the most economically oblivious character (a 10-year-old child, like myself) can see that ignoring the rising environmental concerns can mean untimely doom. So why do we continue to neglect our environmental responsibilities, and scorn those who warn us?

The answer is simple; it's called greed. Our precious gasoline, plastic, and electricity are a few of the things we enjoy. If we give them up, even to save the quality of our earth, we will still be abandoning our addictions. If we can't indulge ourselves in worthless things, the average person thinks, then why care? Why not ignore it all?

Here's why: The environment has a direct impact on the economy. In other words, your indulgences won't exist if we let the the environment get out of hand. It is one giant web, with everything connected to the earth. What starts from the earth returns, and everything, including your indulgences, come from the earth. That's why you should care.

The key is not to do little things to relieve your guilty conscience, for that is just one word in the book of saving the earth. No, start a chain reaction, write a chapter in that book.

Earth won't be ignored.


Front page article shows bias

If there was any doubt that the Times Free Press was in the tank for President Obama, a recent front page article highlighting the local young man who claimed he had signed up for Obamacare provided ample proof. When closer scrutiny was applied, as the TFP grudgingly admitted the following day he actually wasn't signed up nor was his dad as claimed in the article. And buried in back of the original article, the reader discovers that the individual was affiliated with Organizing for Action, the pro-Obama activist group. The sloppy reporting aside, this article on the front page and above the fold was not real news at all, but rather blatant wet kiss to the President and this "train wreck" of a health care plan. The real news story regarding the roll-out of Obamacare is that it has been, thus far, an unmitigated disaster, but I guess when you live in the tank, those type stories don't exactly fit the narrative. "To give the news impartially without fear or favor" is a great mission statement. Do all your readers a favor and live up to that admirable motto.