Support Crawford In Fort Oglethorpe and other letters to the editors

Support Crawford In Fort Oglethorpe and other letters to the editors

October 21st, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Support Crawford In Fort Oglethorpe

Craig Crawford is a hard working, honest, smart and God fearing young man. I have known his father (Larry) and his grandfather (Cecil) all of my life and the apple does not fall far from the tree. You will always find Craig on the right side of every issue.

Vote Nov. 5 to upgrade the Fort Oglethorpe City Council and vote for Craig Crawford.


Benefit denial has no excuse

(Congress): You have failed our military! Dependents of recently deceased service members could not get their survivor's benefits because of the so-called shutdown. Yes, once it was known Congress started legislation to cover this error - but the harm had been done. The U.S. military lost confidence that their loved ones will be taken care of in the event of their death. Four-hundred thirty-five in the House of Representatives, 100 in the Senate and one in the White House, and no one thought to ensure there were no slip ups like this. Defense is the first responsibility of the federal government and none of the Washington kindergarten did their job. This is a complete management and leadership failure, all are responsible and as such there should be none re-elected next year. As there are no excuses or individual blame for this, do not offer any.


Observing Muslim feast of sacrifice

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, Muslims throughout the world started "the feast of the sacrifice," which will last for several days. It is the most important feast in the Islamic calendar celebrated after the pilgrimage at Mecca. The Pilgrims gather for communal prayer and the cleric sacrifices an animal, the concluding rite before the Pilgrims leave. In every Muslim community on the morning of the fast the same ritual is performed. The believers return to their homes. Each head of a household sacrifices a sheep, camel or an ox for his family. The sacrifice is performed with the words "Allah is great" and the throat of the animal is cut, both the windpipe and jugular vein in one stroke. The prophet Mohammad instituted the feast in the second year of the Hijra in Medina. The sacrifice of animals is performed with the intention of coming closer to Allah. Christians and Jews do not perform such a feast, which basically was a Jewish tradition. They find closeness to the divine Shepherd through some other ways.

AMOS TAJ, Ooltewah