Reporter applauded and other letters to the editors

Reporter applauded and other letters to the editors

September 9th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Reporter applauded

Kevin Hardy ought to be commended for his Sunday article. He has provided a wider context in which the actions of Ridgedale Church of Christ can be viewed to be part of a larger issue: Christian churches requiring forms of accountability from those who profess Christian faith.

Especially valuable was the article's highlighting of the approaches taken toward member accountability by different expressions of the Christian church. The insight of Richard Land, known for his assessments of the national scene, was also most worthwhile.

The approach employed by Hardy in this article could perhaps point the way forward for this newspaper's reporting of developments of a similar kind. In the past half-year, the Times Free Press has published a spate of "slam" stories in which the actions of one or two churches (regarding Boy Scouts, regarding large public crosses, etc.) have been made targets of contempt. If the actions of such churches had been placed in some larger comparative context, your readers would have been informed in a constructive way.

KENNETH J. STEWART, Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Error found in cartoon

Although I found Michael Ramirez's cartoon symbolizing the eight fallen soldiers of Kamdesh very good, I must point out that the correct name of the award does not contain the word congressional. The official name is simply the "Medal of Honor." Fortunately Congress has nothing to do with it other than the fact the president awards it in the name of Congress. Otherwise, I'm sure they would screw it up like everything else they have a say in.

EARL RHU, Rock Spring, Ga.

Good faith shown in editorial

The Chattanooga Free Press Editorial on 8/31/2013 entitled "What's a Church to do?" was the best Free Press editorial in several years. It points out the obligations that traditional Christian Churches have to follow Jesus and Holy Scripture.

The editorial articulately describes the hardships and struggles that traditional Christians will face in a future America that is daily becoming more secularized and antagonistic towards those traditional Christians and their faith.

ANN & BILL WELLER, Signal Mountain

Response to church letters

Regarding all the letters that we have been reading on your editorial page, we praise the Lord that the church is alive and well, and there are still many that have not bowed their knees to Baal. Thank God for the pastors who are still preaching the truth. I Kings 19:18. We pray that the sinners will come to know the forgiveness and love that is in Christ Jesus. For those of you who are criticizing the Ridgedale Church, be aware that you are persecuting the body of Christ.