What about our children? and other letters to the editors

What about our children? and other letters to the editors

September 13th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

What about our children?

Nancy Pelosi recently spoke of the unimaginable tragedy in Syria of the killing of 400 children by chemical weapons. While this is sadly true, our own country has stood by while thousands of thousands of our precious national treasures have been killed through abortion. Some of these have been performed using chemicals to destroy the babies. For five years our country has also given tax-payer money to set up abortion clinics in a number of third-world countries. The result is the same: death of children who have been denied life and a future because of the brutality of someone who devalued their life. Two of our adult children thankfully were saved from abortion and have blessed our family since their adoptions many years ago. As a nation, we will be held accountable one day by God, who created these little ones.

SANDY HARRIS, Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Who cares about Dennis Rodman?

Will someone kindly explain to me: Who is Dennis Rodman, and why should I care where he goes?

Is he someone of enormous intelligence?

Is he an official representative of some government somewhere?

Does he hold the keys to nuclear weapons?

If none of these are the case, why are the news people loudly hawking his travels?


Reform opponents offer no options

RE: Sunday Sept. 1, 2013 editorial by Amy Ridenour; "Scrap Obamacare, start from scratch on reform."

Objections, dislikes, and problems with the existing law but not a single "to do" in the way of replacing what is not liked. Typical for all those (mostly right-wing) people who hate Obamacare, want to "repeal and replace" but do not offer a single idea about the "replace" portion. Does it ever occur to those of you who hate this law to really say "We would do A B and C to replace it?" Even the title of the article is "Scrap Obamacare, start from scratch on reform." But you never say what "scratch" is!