President sending mixed signals - and more letters to the editors

President sending mixed signals - and more letters to the editors

September 18th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

President sending mixed signals

As we finish listening to the presidential address, my review is that the President gave a largely uncertain speech.

The majority of the address talked about why Congress should act on his military authorization resolution, but at the same time he says he will go with Putin's proposal.

I think the parts of the address about military force were politically motivated, and basically rebuked Congress for even thinking about voting no on his proposal.

I think he would like to go with Putin's plan, but I'm not sure he believes it will work. So largely as we move forward after this address, it sounds like the president doesn't know what way we are going.


Where are Obama's leadership skills?

We have a no win situation in Syria.

If we use a surgical attack as the president is proposing, we will just be poking a stick at Russia and Iran. If we do nothing, which we have been doing, we lose credibility, which we have.

When our president "drew a line" not to be crossed, he is like the schoolyard bully with a chip on his shoulder daring someone to knock it off. Well, Assad has knocked the chip off and Mr. Obama still hasn't done anything.

Now the President has told Assad that he is going to attack (if diplomacy fails), but hasn't, giving him plenty of time to relocate his stockpile of deadly gas to locations under schools, hospitals and mosques.

The President says he has the authority to act, yet he is asking Congress if he can. Mr. Obama is on prime-time TV making a case to us, the people, who know he won't do anything.

Is this leadership?


I-75 crosses are a blessing

A letter writer of Sept. 8 is nearing a heart attack over those three lovely crosses on I-75.

He is "repulsed" by them. The rest of us are blessed by them! Has the writer ever read the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Of course not! That guarantees freedom of religion and speech.

The writer's only remedy is to campaign for the repeal of the Bill of Rights!

Some folks don't like jazz, rap, or Dixieland music. Others abhor classical. Their solution is simple: tune in to what they like, and tune out all the rest. There are many things that bother a lot of people, but they are not morbidly obsessed by them.

I am personally appalled at any self-respecting man showing his face in public with an ugly beard, a grotesque goatee, or a ponytail.

We all have hundreds of signs, ads, and slogans "thrust in our faces" every day. We live with it!

The letter writer's problem is with himself, his hatred of Christians, his self-centered life, his inability to live in a diverse world, and "I'm-right you- are -wrong" attitude. What a sad life.


Terrorists didn't change America

This 9/11, American citizens throughout the country engaged in various activities to honor the victims of that fateful day in 2001 when our impenetrable America was violated. A vain attempt to thwart the American morale. The attackers knew not that we are a people fortified by the hatred thrown at us.

What better way for such a people, teeming with merited principles of justice, to commemorate the victims of 9/11, than to give life to another in their honor? Not only give life to another, but in fact, give life to up to three others, by donating blood.

For the past two years, the campaign "Muslims for Life," launched by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, has been doing just that in its annual blood drives in honor of 9/11 victims. Last year, 11,170 units of blood were collected, and this year, their goal is to collect 12,000; this act will, thus, not be merely another of talk and verbal commemoration, but of a wholly incomparable physical, tangible form of commemoration that gives each one of us the opportunity to champion of the sanctity of human life.

NAJIA HUMAYUN, Tunnel Hill, Ga.

Attack could release gases

So much has been said about the U.S.A. potentially hitting Syria with military weapons because of their use of chemical gases on their own people. But there are two points that I have not heard.

First, if we hit Syrian facilities where they store these gases, how can we be sure that these gases will not be loosed into the atmosphere and kill others. If winds in that part of the world are similar to those in this part of the world, those gases could travel eastward toward Iran, India, China and other countries. It could possibly go into the high atmospheric winds and be scattered over all the world.

Secondly, is it worst to kill people with gases than explosives and rounds of ammunition? What's the difference if people are killed? I believe that more people have been killed in Syria with explosives and ammunition.

Are we going to take military action because our leader(s) have shot their mouths off and have to follow up, or is there serious reason for wanting to stop killings?


Unions provide services, too

I don't understand all of the uproar against the VW plant wanting to have a work council that might include the Auto Workers Union.

There are a lot of labor unions in Chattanooga and we should be thankful. The Plumbers & Pipefitters, the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, etc.

They not only collect union dues from their members but make sure they are well trained and know the different building codes.

Would you rather have your buildings built by a skilled worker, who had been schooled for an average of 5 years or one trained on the job only and who has learned only what their superior has taught them?

UPS is a union shop and there were no problems bringing those jobs to the Chattanooga area. Most trucking firms and even the railroads are union.

We should keep our noses out of VW's business and let them do what they feel is necessary for their employees and company.

JIM BROWN, Soddy-Daisy