Public employees not above the law and other letters to the editors

Public employees not above the law and other letters to the editors

September 28th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Public employees not above the law

Have you noticed that if an employee breaks the law or violates a company policy, they are almost immediately fired? They lose their paycheck, medical insurance and their pension. They have very little recourse as they are escorted out the door by security.

However, if you work for the government and are being paid with our tax money, and you break the law, you go on a paid vacation and retire with full medical care and a very nice pension, paid for from the taxes you and I pay.

If the President signs a law that Congress doesn't want to abide by, they proclaim an exemption to be excluded. They keep saying "there is nothing too good for the people," and that is exactly what we have been getting, "Nothing too good!"

It is time that we, the people, demand that what is good enough for the people is exactly good enough for the President and Congress. There is no American Royalty!

I get tired of calling and writing to complain about how politicians are above the law. Now it's your turn to call Sen. Bob Corker and Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and tell them you are tired of being treated like second- class citizens. Tell them no more special "deals".


Delta Queen no eyesore

The Delta Queen a bane to Chattanooga River Front? Really?

Having taken 24 cruises on her in the past, she still remains a beautiful sight on Chattanooga's North Shore. She's no eyesore. In fact she's a majestic sight there.

How does she block any one in that area from viewing the sights like the Aquarium or any other places across the river? That's ridiculous!

My late husband and I made lifelong friends on those cruises. We are originally from Cincinnati but have made Chattanooga home since 1953. If she must go elsewhere let it be to Cincinnati's pretty water front where we were first aware of her and the Green family who owned her.

I am 90 years old and hopefully because of my age I'm not considered an old relic (ha).


Interest rates hurt savers

I enjoyed the jobless recovery cartoon (9/21) more than I can say. The Federal Reserve has made the rich richer and the 401(k) holders happy, but the low interest rates are injuring elderly and middle-income savers. As low as the Consumer Price Index is now, it is still higher than a saver can earn on a savings account. Savers are holding their savings in moribund accounts which create no jobs. Even corporate savings are used to buy back stock or pay dividends. Neither of those create jobs.

The Federal Reserve should give up its employment goals. Employment depends on demand and demand is determined by income. The Federal Reserve has little to do with either. The sooner we return to market-determined interest rates the sooner we will return to full employment.


GOP establishment sounds "stupid"

I am a little sick and tired of establishment Republicans making fun and ridiculing Tea Party conservatives.

The establishment track record is George Bush, whose deficits were historic until Obama. Also, big bank giveaways and the Great Recession. They lost the Senate and House in 2006 and in the last two presidential races they got just what they wanted, two liberal Republicans that would "compromise" and then got their hats handed to them by a Barack Obama.

Now they preach about how "stupid" we conservatives are. The problem here is they are only interested in retaining power, not fixing things. Talking heads like Carl Rove are actually parroting the advice of their enemies, the Democrats. Wow, what strategy.

The fact is that the only Republican win was the House in 2010 which was fueled by a Tea Party revolution against Obamacare. We conservatives have only been "stupid" by falling for the false choice of the lesser of two evils. There is little difference in the two establishment parties. Evil is evil.

The definition of stupid is repeating the same mistakes time after time and getting the same results. The Republican establishment is the epitome of stupid.


Rep. Broun, a true conservative

Pro-gun. 2nd amendment, constitutional candidate for U.S. Senate Congressman Dr. Paul Broun visited Chattooga County recently. Dr. Broun plans a return visit with teachers and factory workers. He won Chattooga County in a previous run for U.S. Senate. Dr. Broun, a Marine reservist, was deployed to the Afghanistan war zone recently. He is presently a congressman from Athens, Ga., (10th Congressional District) and has been a stalwart in standing up to government overreach including: Obamacare stupidity, war against Syria, standing against amnesty of any kind, against all bailouts, no funding foreign countries that hate America, pro balanced budget (real balanced budget, with no exemptions) and checking the power of the Federal Reserve. Rep. Broun has offered legislation to audit and to abolish the Fed, and the IRS. He has come under attack for his Christian beliefs and his reply was, "Our Constitution protects everyone's right to worship as they desire. We can all agree on one thing, federal government spending is out of control and must be stopped. Rep. Broun did not apologize for being a Christian. I know I wouldn't.