Food stamp cuts disgraceful and other letters to the editors

Food stamp cuts disgraceful and other letters to the editors

September 30th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Food stamp cuts disgraceful

How many of the members of Congress who voted to cut the funding of Food Stamps for the needy in our country have ever had to go hungry themselves? Or worse yet, how many congressmen or congresswomen have ever had to see their children or grandchildren do without needed food because they simply could not do anything about it? The United States of America is the wealthiest and greatest country in the world. To cut government spending by cutting food assistance to our underprivileged citizens is nothing short of disgraceful! The true greatness of any country is not measured by its wealth or military power, but by the way in which that country cares for its neediest citizens.


Health reform hurts equality

Can government reduce inequality, as liberal E. J. Dionne (Times, Sept. 22) wishes? No, it cannot, because the enforcers it hires to force inequality down make power unequal. O'Romneycare hires thousands of new IRS agents to rule over us in the name of equality? That makes inequality worse, not better.

Those who claim to redistribute wealth are really redistributing power to themselves away from ordinary people, as Satan, the first liberal, did in the Garden of Eden. So the aim of forcing equality worsens inequality and grabs power. Repent of and abandon the aim. O'Romneycare may succeed in buying votes and making the system harder to improve. It'll fail as an equalizer, as our President admitted when comparing the health care for presidents with that for citizens.

Empower the people by making O'Romneycare taxes optional on Form 1040.

Government does sometimes worsen inequality, as with "Too Big to Fail" and with subsidies for VW and Amazon but not for mom and pop. It can stop making things worse. End corporate welfare. Donate to the Institute for Justice.


Let the Bible be your guide

Sincere appreciation to Dr. Brian H. Cosby for his excellent guest editorial article "Four Common Misconceptions: A Pastor's Perspective" (9/13) and to the unidentified author of "What's A Church To Do" (8/31). Both articles require and inspire thought as opposed to supposition - both support the Bible, God's Holy Word.

JOYCE E. HILL, Signal Mountain