Who speaks for magnets? and other letters to the editors

Who speaks for magnets? and other letters to the editors

April 4th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Who speaks for magnets?

Magnet schools are not represented in Hamilton County. As a parent of a student who attended CSLA for nine years, I have watched the Hamilton County school board's neglect of magnet schools play out year after year after year. Every year, same song, different verse. I think it's time we change the song. We never should have changed our school system structure to include magnet schools without changing the structure of the school board to reflect the same. The school board is made up of representatives from every district. Their only concern is their zoned schools and parents in their district, leaving magnet schools in their district to simply exist. Our school board should be restructured to include representatives there solely to represent the magnet schools all over our county. The school board should have the same percentage of members on it as the percentage of magnet schools in our county. This would at least give magnet schools a voice on the board rather than lip service. Without representatives on the board to speak for the magnet schools, they will continue to degrade and crumble into oblivion, overlooked by the very board members elected to watch over and protect them.


Vote for Ron Parson

Ron Parson is our neighbor. We are in our 80s, and often we find ourselves unable to accomplish some mundane things we once did. Being a good neighbor, Ron does yard work, brings the mail to the house and sees that the garbage container is out and returned to the house. When our car is down, he sees we have needed transportation. When my husband is hospitalized in rehab, Ron visits weekly to cheer him. These things are indeed blessings to us. We know he has helped many other people in their time of need. Ron is a law enforcement officer, so he knows the people of Hamilton County and senses the need for good government. He stands for justice, fairness and honesty. Vote for Ron Parson for Circuit Court clerk.


Religion vs. freedoms

Do feel free to comment big time after the Supreme Court decision case is announced. The question is fundamental: Do we allow a religion to supplant the freedom of individuals' rights? A secular democratic government is essential to the well-being of all citizens. This means that no organized religion should be permitted to impose its beliefs on others. This applies equally to the Hobby Lobby family as well.