Judges and the law and other letters to the editors

Judges and the law and other letters to the editors

April 7th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Judges and the law

Our judges are so deep in legalities they cannot see the law. Take the Hobby Lobby case. Our country's Declaration of Independence declares our Creator endowed unalienable right to life. That right begins when human life begins, which is when the half human sperm and the half human egg combine to form the wholly human being. Abortion kills that human being, so abortion is murder. The U.S. government is asking Hobby Lobby to pay for insurance policies financing abortion- causing drugs (i.e. murder) and courts need to argue this? Similarly, federal judges ruling on same-sex marriage are hallucinating protected classes. They imagine one to be African-Americans and another "homosexuals" (a word already delusional, for sex requires male and female). Laws defining marriage as between one man and one woman are supposedly like Jim Crow laws undermining the rights of a protected class. Even were that right, having protected classes violates the 14th amendment's "equal protection" clause. But blacks were never a protected class; they had civil rights because the constitution made race a forbidden criterion for discrimination. Sexual disorientation is no such criterion. Harvey Milk may dress in blackface, but he's not Jim Crow. Unfortunately, our judges cannot tell the difference.


What about other schools

It is sad all the schools that need new buildings can't be accommodated. What's even sadder is the bickering this is causing among parents. I recognize that CSLA is nationally recognized. I recognize they have been waiting 25 years for a new school. Falling Water Elementary is 100 years old. Ganns Middle Valley is 75 years old. I have to ask the CSLA parents, "Do the children who go to those schools not matter?" My son is a fourth-grader at Ganns. He will never see a new Ganns school, but Ganns and Falling Water both need new schools. I find it amazing both schools continue to stand, and it's a shame a number of CSLA parents can't teach their children sometimes there are people who need something more than they do. Thirty years ago, I went to the same Falling Water that stands today. I understand how the CSLA parents feel; I honestly do. But before David Cook or any CSLA parent says "what's right is right," ask yourselves, "is ignoring the other schools or children just because you are recognized nationally right?"


Don't revise U.S. history

In the recent Sunday edition of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, March 23, there appears to be an attempt by an officer of the Heritage Foundation, James Jay Carafano, to rewrite the history of the second Iraq war. The Heritage Foundation is thought by many to be a Republican think tank, likely an oxymoron. In his article, he writes, "The U.S. went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan to eradicate terrorist forces that had killed thousands of Americans, and threatened to kill many more." Foolish me, I thought for years we were told by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney that we went to war with Iraq because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, though none were found. I guess in Mr. Carafano's Heritage world, if the facts do not comport with the decision, change the facts.