City under siege again - and more letters to the editors

City under siege again - and more letters to the editors

April 15th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

City under siege again

In November of 1863, hostile forces from the North invaded Chattanooga and placed the city under siege. In just a few short days, the city was defeated by this invading army which ultimately continued its way south, destroying Atlanta and everything else in its path all the way to the sea.

Who was this invading army? They were Union soldiers often referred to as Yankees. Once again our city is under siege by an invading army from the North.

Not content with destroying the economy of their own cities of Detroit, Flint, Livonia, Baltimore, and Grand Rapids, the Yankees have moved south seeking jobs.

The nation's taxpayers bailed out General Motors, and now, as we see in the news, nothing has changed. Massive recalls have uncovered deception, cover-ups and poor product quality, and now they must answer to Congress.

I certainly hope VW is paying attention and won't allow itself to fail a second time in the United States due to Union involvement.

To our Yankee brethren, we in the South do not want to see history repeat itself. You are welcome here, just don't bring your "us vs. them" attitude with you.


Consider vote for Fleenor

I am an attorney with 22 years of legal experience writing to recommend Pam McNutt Fleenor for chancellor. I have known Pam professionally for 22 years, since I started practicing law in Chattanooga, and have gotten to know her as a friend over the last several years.

I am confident Pam is the right person for the next chancellor of part I of the Hamilton County Chancery Court. Pam has an impressive academic career and legal background. Pam is qualified to be our next chancellor based on her experience, integrity and temperament.

Pam's legal experience is broad, covering areas from personal injury to business issues. Hamilton County Chancery Court Part I is the only Hamilton County Court to handle conservatorships and, thus, experience in that area is important.

Pam has that experience and has been appointed by our retiring chancellor, the honorable Frank Brown, as guardian ad litem in conservatorship cases involving dementia and mental health patients, as well as cases involving adoption.

Perhaps equally important to Pam's experience is her temperament. Pam will patiently listen to the litigants who come before her and will consider each of their cases fairly under the law.

She has my vote, and I hope she will have yours.


Bennett for judge

Based on J.B. Bennett's resume, character, flawless integrity and temperament, I firmly believe he is the most enlightened choice and perfect fit for Circuit Court judge. He possesses the qualities and experience to be an excellent judge.


Questioning Signal priorities

The town of Signal Mountain proposes to borrow $3 million for a new maintenance building, a new fire hall and to repave James Boulevard. I think the town should wait.

In two years or less, we will be rid of a loan for the school and will have more latitude in fiscal matters. Within the two years, we can build up some contingency funds to help alleviate the effects of a new loan by making it a smaller loan.

Any of the three reasons for the loan are not critical at this time and can wait, giving us a chance to gauge any new or more pressing problems. Any citizen opportunities to oppose a new loan now are crimped by the 20-day period in which we must sign a petition to oppose the loan.

Do we really need a new maintenance building? Do we yet need a new fire hall? And can't the James Boulevard project not wait two more years? When the tax associated with the school loan lapses, are you going to use the new loan to extend the taxes?

It seems to be that town officials are not being fair to the taxpayers of Signal Mountain and may not be following good management principles.

DUN B. MONROE, Signal Mountain

Many owe America

To those who say our nation is in debt: Every nation to whom we have had lend-lease programs, foreign aid and other helping schemes - these owe us a huge debt.

Count the trillions in handouts through so-called charity schemes. Our military has protected you, our colleges have trained you, we have sent you personnel in tragedy. American missionaries sent food, clothing and Gideon Bibles and were often martyred like missionary John Birch.

The wars we have fought for them, the money we have given them, even the tourism of deluded American wanderers over the earth have filled the coffers of their licentious merchants.

Our God-inspired inventions have made their lives comfortable, where formerly they lived in hovels and tried to cook what food they had over open fires in the woods, while running from their brother cannibals and drug dealers who were the vassals of witchcraft. Now they wear Yankee clothes and drive Yankee cars and mock our charity.

Let them return to their priest-craft and let them save themselves, but by all means, pay us back, for the American is due a huge payday!

Go into all the world and preach the gospel of divine retribution, for our God reigneth and the wrath of the lamb is come!

And all the people said: Amen!