Support U.S. companies - and more letters to the editors

Support U.S. companies - and more letters to the editors

April 16th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Support U.S. companies

The city of Chattanooga and Tennessee provided tax incentives estimated at $577 million to foreign-owned Volkswagen at a cost to taxpayers of $288,500 per position.

The new tax incentives offered Volkswagen in August 2013 by Tennessee are about $300 million at a cost of $222,059 per job. Foreign-owned Kia in West Point, Ga., got $450 million at $150,000 per job. By contrast, the bailout of General Motors cost $125,000 per job. However, if you consider all the jobs saved by suppliers, then the cost for GM was $44,000 per job.

We saved an American company and most of the profits stay here -- something Georgia and Tennessee can't say. About 5.3 million Americans work for foreign-owned companies.

DAVID BEAN, Chatsworth, Ga.

Supporting Complete Streets

In August 2013, I wrote a letter urging the city of Chattanooga to adopt a Complete Streets Policy, and on April 1, 2014, a policy was passed by the City Council.

On behalf of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, Tennessee Network, I want to congratulate the city of Chattanooga for the passing of your Complete Streets ordinance. Complete Streets helps to make active transportation the easy choice and foster livable, sustainable communities.

We also want to congratulate the stakeholders who supported this effort, like the many walking and bicycling advocate groups as well as local leaders in health, education, business, the staff who work with the city of Chattanooga and the Regional Planning Agency. The Complete Streets policy adds to a growing list of achievements that are making Chattanooga a great place to live, work and play.

We look forward to more great things from Chattanooga with the knowledge that you will continue to support all modes of transportation across your city to improve the quality of life for children, families and the entire community.

CHRISTY J. SMITH, Chattanooga

Bennett for judge

What does it take to be a Circuit Court judge? Character, community and court experience. The person must be one of principle. J.B. Bennett is that man, one whose life has been and continues to be built on foundational truth.

These are the same principles our court systems are built on in America -- life-giving truths. This person must be an individual who understands his community.

J.B. Bennett's that person, from Little League baseball to serving our community as a board member of a children's advocacy group, as well as many other service organizations. The person has to be someone with experience -- a person who has been in the trenches of court cases, representing and defending, and even sitting in as a judge. That person again is J.B. Bennett.

As a friend, former fellow employee and an area pastor, I ask you to entrust J.B. Bennett with the Circuit Court judgeship. I will be voting for J.B. Bennett because of his character, community service and court experience.


Henry for court clerk

One only has to talk to residents of the 7th District to realize they hold Larry Henry in high regard as a politician who is always there to address their concerns regardless of party, ethnicity, race or gender.

He has always served as a voice of the people and has never been swayed by what the consequences might be in political circles. In fact, he has rallied his colleagues on many issues that have benefited not only his district but Chattanooga at large.

We are fortunate to have Larry continue to offer his services to Chattanooga as a candidate of unblemished character and the 12 years of past service experience in government who will serve us best as our next Circuit Court clerk.


Safety taken to extremes

"Non-domesticated" animals certainly can be dangerous; If someone is bitten or mauled, the news is reported widely and loudly.

But don't many people keep these animals, which never harm anyone? Why are these never reported? It may be foolish to keep "wild" animals unless you are trained and equipped properly, but we ignore many equally dangerous things.

Why doesn't TWRA confiscate and kill "domesticated" animals that might possibly carry disease, bite or claw people? For that matter, why is there no state agency to prevent kids' fingers from being pinched in doors, to remove scissors and sharp knives lest someone be cut?

And for heaven's sake, let's get all those fast cars off our streets; that will make us much safer!


In support of CSLA

This is a letter about Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts -- CSLA. I taught at that school when it was Elbert S. Long. I have only good memories of my many years of teaching here. It was an excellent school back in the 1970s and '80s when I was there, and it it is still an excellent school with a rich history.

Each time I pass the school, I pray for a new school. I was hoping that this time a new school was going to become a reality. Again, I was wrong. CSLA deserved a new building. It's time for a change, and I hope and pray it will be soon.

It truly hurts me to see how the building is deteriorating.


Clean up our waterways

I've lived in Chattanooga and Hamilton County all my life, and I have always thought we were fortunate to have all the waterways in which we could fish anytime we like. My problem is we are losing a lot of our good fishing spots because of neglect.

For instance, Highway 58 has the beautiful Wolftever Creek plowing into Chickamauga Lake. If you go south on Highway 58, 40 years ago all the foliage was cleaned and kept by Harrison Bay Park. Now, you can't even see the water until you reach Wolftever Bridge.

We have lost 700 or 800 yards on the west side of Highway 58 that used to be picturesque. On Snow Hill Road at Savannah Bay Bridge, the tornado that came through a few years ago made an awful mess. For a half mile, there are hundreds of trees, strewn all along the road. How ugly.

The residents have done the best they can to clean up, but the county and TVA have done nothing. Why can't the county and TVA do their part in cleaning up our fine waterways?