Hats off to Erlanger North and other letters to the editors

Hats off to Erlanger North and other letters to the editors

April 20th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Hats off to Erlanger North

Folks sometimes undervalue or take for granted the very outstanding service our area medical professionals provide. We were reminded of this recently during a hurried visit to Erlanger North's emergency department in Red Bank for help with an acute medical issue my wife experienced. She received an immediate diagnosis and highly skilled treatment from attending physician Dr. Christopher Wagg and nurse Valerie Warner. While one might expect and hope for such efficient service in a medical emergency situation, what really struck us was the exceptionally warm personal attention given by each to tend my wife in a harrowing, often high-pressure emergency room environment. Our hats off to these two outstanding caring professionals and Erlanger North emergency department.

JERRY L. CAMPBELL, Signal Mountain

Riverbend bashers hold your fire

Riverbend bashers - red alert! It's coming. All you bluffers and posers have been notified. You all have no clue what goes into planning a first-rate, class act festival. If you don't like the acts, stay home. Crowds? Same answer.

Dixie Fuller and many others work tirelessly at all hours of the year. Not just in June. It is very hard work. So all you wanna-bes and has-beens, I extend my hand. To the doubtful and foolish, get a grip or whatever soothes your pains and pleasures. The vast majority of the region has no idea.

You go, Riverbend organizers. I'll bet you more people have more fun and delightful memories than those who don't (get it). Don't revise a thing. If anything, raise the prices and see how many more show up! Support entertainment or punch more buttons. It's your call. Just like the Monkees, we may be coming to your town!


Haggard endorses Pittman in Marion race

I want to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Marion County for allowing me to serve as the register of deeds for 20 years. The register's office tries daily to give the citizens an office to call their own and be proud of. We strive to provide you with efficient, honest and courteous service.

For a continuation of this service, I have chosen to endorse Debbie Pittman.

Debbie has worked for me as deputy register for more than 11 years. She has made every document ever recorded in the office Internet accessible. The Marion County Register of Deeds office is now comparable with larger counties for accessibility to county records. She can utilize her knowledge and experience so the transition may be seamless and will help serve the community in the most effective way.

I am asking for your support and vote for Debbie Pittman in the May 6 Democratic primary.

It has been a great honor to serve as your register of Deeds!


Make Alzheimer's a high priority

On April 9, I joined more than 800 people in Washington, D.C., for the 26th annual Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Forum. Representing people impacted by Alzheimer's, we appealed to members of congress for action on Alzheimer's disease.

As the executive director of a large senior living community right here in Chattanooga, I have seen first-hand the effect this disease has on the individual, the entire family and their close friends. My hope is to be a positive force in getting the message out that "Alzheimer's is an epidemic, and we do not have time to wait and see. We must act now."

If we could eliminate Alzheimer's tomorrow, we could save half a million lives a year. However, it is only through adequate funding and a strong implementation of the national plan to address Alzheimer's Disease that we will meet its goal of preventing and effectively treating Alzheimer's by the year 2025. Unless we begin now, any hope for success will be that much farther away.

I urge every reader to call Sen. Bob Corker and ask him to make Alzheimer's disease a national priority! Your voice is critical!

BRENDA HIXON, RN, Alzheimer's Ambassador Executive Director

Boyd will hold the lid on taxes

I have been a fellow Sunday School member with Tim Boyd for over 10 years. We have been on mission trips together, working to help put people's lives back together after hurricanes ravaged their homes. After living and working with someone 24/7, you get to know him pretty well, and I can tell you without reservation Tim is an honest, hard-working representative for everyone in District 8. He will always make the best decisions for our community and not special interests. Tim will study the issues to make sure he is representing the people. We need representatives who know the difference between wants and needs.

Tim will work hard to keep our taxes low. He is the only District 8 Republican candidate who has never voted for a tax or fee increase. Many seniors on fixed incomes in East Ridge and throughout District 8 need a commissioner who fights to keep our taxes low. Vote for Tim Boyd in the May 6 primary so we know we have a representative who will work for us.


Remembering DuPont plant

I would like to thank all the people who worked so hard to get Volkswagen to build a plant here. After all, who wouldn't want to build a plant when all the preliminary work is done for them, plus all or some of the tax exemption?

Gee, I wish city and county leaders had been that generous when DuPont came here in 1946.

As one of the first employees hired by the DuPont construction division in Oct. 1946, I remember two labor disputes we went through before the plant was even built and three attempts to unionize the plant in the coming years. You may not know this, but DuPont prepared its own job site, including its own rail siding, water pump station, filter plant and waste treatment plant. Also where did all the property for the DuPont school, North River YMCA and DuPont Parkway come from and how much did the county pay for it?

I just hope we don't become another Detroit and all the employees at Volkswagen are smart enough to decide what's best for them.


Bennett is a good choice

Along with many of my colleagues, it is my privilege to strongly endorse the election of J.B. Bennett as judge of the Circuit Court of Hamilton County. Having been a trial lawyer in Chattanooga for over 30 years, I have litigated cases in many different areas of the law, ranging from personal injury cases to employment cases to many, many divorce cases. I have known J.B. Bennett for over 20 years and believe he is the best qualified candidate to be elected as he has the experience, common sense and the right temperament to serve the people of Hamilton County with fairness and integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend his election.