'Noah' movie 'ungodly' - and more letters to the editors

'Noah' movie 'ungodly' - and more letters to the editors

April 21st, 2014 in Opinion Letters

'Noah' movie 'ungodly'

Christians can't justify giving their money, time and minds to ungodly movies like "Noah."

"Noah" is an un-biblical fantasy, filled with a blasphemous representation of God. Noah is sometimes depicted as a psychopath.

"Noah" director and writer Darren Aronofsky, an atheist, told the New Yorker magazine his movie is "the least biblical, biblical film ever made." The film "Noah" teaches the opposite of the Bible. Dr. Brian Mattson said the movie isn't a faithful account of the Bible but is a faithful account of the Gnostic/Kabbalah/pagan version.

According to the movie, the creator God is basically evil, the serpent was a hero and the fallen angels are good guys. The film depicts and supports evolution. Hurting the environment or animals and being a meat-eater are depicted in the film as the worst possible sins.

Christians have the real story in Genesis 6-9. Just as Noah found grace in the eyes of God and was saved aboard the ark, we can only be saved by Jesus through his grace. Look to Jesus as your ark of salvation!


Common sense is gone

Since personal electronic communication devices have become so prevalent, it seems common sense and manners are gone. Loud conversations are in stores, in lines at the bank, everywhere, especially where totally inappropriate.

Not long ago, I had heard quite enough about someone's medical condition while in the waiting room for surgery. I went over to the woman and politely said, "You may not realize how loudly you were speaking." She took great offense and glared at me, then, in words not printable, attempted to defend herself. The outside door was not 10 feet away, and when others needed to talk, they would graciously go outside. I would not want a discussion of my loved one's medical condition to be so public. I wonder if the patient would.

My daughter recently suggested people return to wearing watches so they could discreetly check the time without rudely whipping out their phones.

If I weren't so darned important that I have to keep constantly in touch with the entire world, I would give up my iPhone in a second. How about you?


White would be 'compassionate'

Please vote for Catherine Cate White on May 6 in the Republican primary for Circuit Court judge. Catherine, or Katy as I call her, is a very special person. As her brother, I can vouch for her character and excellent work ethic.

As a Christian, she is compassionate. As a conservative, she believes in the core values our nation was established upon.

Katy's knowledge of the law is impressive, and she is no stranger to the courthouse, where 70 percent of Circuit Court's cases entail family law, and that is what Katy has focused on for the last 20 years of her 25-year legal career. She has jury trial experience, she is a trained mediator, and she has sat as a special judge. She will make a wonderful judge.

Our father, Forrest Cate Jr., would be very proud of Sis. I believe the citizens of Hamilton County will be, too.

FORREST F. CATE III, Signal Mountain