Sold on Erlanger - and more letters to the editors

Sold on Erlanger - and more letters to the editors

April 30th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Sold on Erlanger

Recently, I was a patient at Erlanger hospital. I had been somewhat apprehensive about going there in view of stories I have heard over the years about care. However, from the days I spent in a regular room to the days spent in ICU, I could not have asked, or expected, better care and attention.

Aside from the receptionist at the ER desk, who had an attitude, personnel who attended me provided much more and better care than expected. At discharge, I had a very positive attitude toward the medical staff at Erlanger.

Even though medical personnel seemed to be spread very thin, they worked hard to provide good care. I am sure they are completely fatigued at the end of their shifts. This did not seem to affect their attitudes toward patients.

Should the need again arise, I would not hesitate to go to Erlanger.


Turner cares about people

There are many things that are important to the people of District 7 in Hamilton County such as roads, schools, safety in the community, and how their money is being spent, to name a few.

Who we have representing us and fighting for the causes that are important to the people of District 7 is critically important.

When I first met Sabrena Turner before her debate at East Hamilton High School, I was so impressed! She was the only candidate who took her time to come up to every individual she saw to introduce herself and explain what she is all about.

That one instance was all it took for me to get hooked on her charisma. After watching that debate, it was clear to me that not only had Mrs. Turner been successful in the real estate business due to her shrewd and efficient way of conducting business and making deals happen, but also that she would be the perfect person to represent me on the County Commission.

Sabrena Turner represents a new era of politics where elected officials actually get things done. I am proud to cast my first-ever vote for Sabrena Turner for District 7 commissioner.


Where was bill's sponsor?

I have recently returned to school for my master's degree in social work at Southern Adventist University. This semester I had the opportunity to go to Nashville for Social Worker on the Hill. It was exciting to see all the different schools and students from all over the state.

One situation that was exciting was getting to sit in on a committee meeting. The bill was HB2061, which is to reduce the total lifetime eligibility for temporary assistance for needy families (Families First) from 60 months to 48 months.

The room was full of social workers as you can imagine, and I guess the sponsor of the bill was not able to explain his position of why he was introducing this bill, so he did not show up. The House member who sponsored the bill was Jeremy Durham of the 65th District. He did not show up and asked the committee to put the bill off until the end of the calendar year.

Very disappointing that someone could introduce a bill that would effect thousands of people in this state, and especially women and children, and then not have the nerve to show up and explain himself. If I believe that I am in the right and willing to make decisions that affect people's lives then I am going to show up and state why this is the right thing to do. Mr. Durham did not show up.

This just goes to show our government at work.

SHARON JOHNSON Cleveland, Tenn.

Vote for Adams for commissioner

My wife and I attended the kickoff reception for Curtis Adams at the East Ridge Community Building in February.

People were enthusiastic, and the crowd was large. We've always supported Curtis Adams because he is a true servant of the people he serves.

The highlight of the rally was hearing from the speaker, former Hamilton County Mayor and Deputy Gov. Claude Ramsey. Mr. Ramsey said of Mr. Adams, "He's the real thing. When Curtis tells you something, you can count on what he says."

With such a comment coming from a person like Claude Ramsey -- and so many others agree -- Curtis Adams' great record in 22 years on the commission tells me that good judgment says, "Send him back."


Make elections nonpartisan

As the upcoming elections approach, references to the Democratic and Republican primaries are routinely made in newspaper articles. However, such party references are rarely, if ever, shown on any of the myriad of campaign posters on behalf of the various candidates, which are displayed throughout the community.

This indicates to be those aspiring to elective offices within the county are appealing to voters on a person-to-person basis rather than as members of a political party. It also suggests that county elections should be on a nonpartisan basis, as municipal elections already are.

Such nonpartisan elections would eliminate the expense of the present partisan elections, be more convenient to the electorate and yet provide office holders of the same qualifications.