Crangle will listen to District 27 needs and other letters to the editors

Crangle will listen to District 27 needs and other letters to the editors

August 1st, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Crangle will listen to District 27 needs

On July 15, Tommy Crangle met with the Kiwanis Club of Hixson as he continues his bid for Tennessee state representative. Tommy was glad to spend time with and discuss issues with the group. Topics ranged from taxation to energy resources to education and Common Core. The Kiwanis Club focuses on serving the local community, and Tommy was excited to hear members' opinions as he does his best to represent the needs of District 27, which includes Red Bank, Signal Mountain, Lookout Valley, and parts of Hixson, Soddy-Daisy and Lookout Mountain. Residents of this district can vote for Tommy in the primary on Aug. 7.


Tidwell has earned re-election vote

For 20 years, Gwen Tidwell has been the Criminal Court clerk. In this time, she has computerized the office where before records were kept in 4-foot-long ledgers. She did this not by asking the County Commission for money but by tightening her belt and making it happen with the resources she had. In fact, Mrs. Tidwell's system was up and running way before the city or county police departments came close to going paperless. Mrs. Tidwell has to network with a variety of people and institutions to keep the office up to date and efficient. These people and agencies include judges, district attorneys, victims, police, investigators, victim advocacy groups, mental health professionals and the list goes on. The Criminal Court clerk is not in a position to sit back and let her subordinates carry on day-to-day duties. Gwen Tidwell is a woman of character, honesty, and is a hard worker. She approaches her job with a freshness you would expect from a junior elected official, not a veteran of 20 years. Please vote and keep a true professional where she belongs, in the office of the Criminal Court clerk.


City, don't kowtow to me generation

Many self-appointed city do-gooders have advocated the noise-level ordinance be modified to allow even louder noise downtown. I have even heard like-minded radio commentators say if Chattanooga is to grow, then our nightspots must be allowed to produce concert-like audio. It appears Riverbend has whetted the appetites of those who think fun is only equated with high decibel levels! It is sad to see our city government all but agree with the sentiments above. Every summer I dread being around cars that enjoy blasting passersby with their loud music, but for those who have chosen to live in the confines of downtown -- thus being unable to find relief from any blaring noise -- my sympathy to you. Apparently, the Me Generation has no conscience when it comes to entertainment. However, I suspect I'm not the only person who is appalled by the thoughtlessness of others. Thankfully, at the place I live, when I turn out the lights, sleep is never an afterthought.


Vote for benefits extension on Aug. 7

As a Christian and a minister of the gospel, I believe in following the teaching of Jesus, "Love your neighbor as yourself." The parable of the Good Samaritan tells us we are called to love those who are different from us or who differ in their beliefs. This is why I am concerned that hard-working city employees, right here in Chattanooga, can be fired simply because they are gay or transgender. This simply does not match up with the teachings of Jesus to love our neighbors. Our city is facing a critical vote on Aug. 7 that will determine the atmosphere of Chattanooga. Do we want to send a message that we, as a city value all people, or do we want to send a message that Chattanooga is a city of exclusion, discrimination, and disregard for our hard-working city employees? I, for one, will be voting for the preservation of our City Council's Nondiscrimination and Domestic Partnership ordinance on Aug. 7. I urge my fellow Chattanoogans to prayerfully do the same, fulfilling Jesus' commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves.


Sell's energy, passion call for re-election

I have known Judge Christie Sell for over 30 years. She is one of the most impressive people I know. You don't have to know her well to know she works hard and gives of her time in the community. Her energy and passion for people is truly inspirational. She has a smile and positive attitude that is contagious, and I am so impressed with her hard work as a judge. As a judge, she is fair with each person, diligent about the truth and committed to honor. Most of all, she is gracious for the trust the people have put in her to be a great judge. Your vote will make a difference. Re-elect Christie Sell.

LAURA BOWLING, Signal Mountain

More warning needed for speed cameras

I just finished reading the article regarding the speed "trap" on Germantown Road. Sounds like the city is real proud of itself for nabbing 17,549 (un)suspecting speeders, netting an average of 145 per day! Great for tourism! I was one of those unsuspecting victims. I say that because there was no previous warning to my knowledge of a pending "trap" to be set. I drive that route only on Monday nights, volunteering at a local animal shelter, and was totally blindsided when I got the $50 ticket in the mail. Of course, I assumed it was my husband's, but later inspection revealed it was without a doubt mine! Perhaps the money acquired can be used for the driver's education program that was proposed and shot down by the County Commission just a few months ago or even used toward education of some caliber. That would be the right thing to do! If education is a priority for our city's mayor, then maybe this is a starting point. Therefore, if this is a way to bump up revenue for education, please install more cameras! But please at least give us some prior warning.

DONNA HORN, East Brainerd

Hazlewood helpful for businesses

I am writing in support of Patsy Hazlewood for the Tennessee House of Representatives in District 27. I have known Patsy for many years starting with her tenure at BellSouth and AT&T and as regional coordinator for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development's Southeast Tennessee office. I have worked on many job-creation projects with her. Several years ago, we worked to recruit an Italian ink manufacturer to this region. This project was very hands-on because the company had no operation in the United States and was quite unfamiliar with starting a manufacturing operation in the country. Patsy was instrumental in her efforts to convince KIIAN to locate in an existing industrial building in the Soddy-Daisy Industrial Park. Patsy has also been a critical team player when working with existing business and industry. She has assisted the existing business community with permit expedition, business-to-business introductions and incentive negotiations. Patsy was this community's liaison to state economic development officials and always represented Southeast Tennessee with an efficient and effective voice. Vote for Patsy Hazlewood in the District 27 Republican primary for state representative.


Bedtime for Bonzo in 3rd District?

It amuses me to read all the letters bemoaning the lack of experience of Weston Wamp. I mean, how hard could it be to vote "no" on everything the other side of the aisle presents? A chimp could be trained to represent the 3rd District. I think maybe it's bedtime for Bonzo.