Vote to retain justices and other letters to the editors

Vote to retain justices and other letters to the editors

August 4th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Vote to retain justices

One of the worst things that can happen to a state is to have the Supreme Court involved in partisan politics. Justice does not wear a party label. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said, "The last thing you want to worry about (when you go to court) is whether the judge is more accountable to a campaign contributor or an ideological group than to the law." Our citizens deserve a fair and impartial Supreme Court, free from partisan politics. Businesses wishing to do business in Tennessee have found our judicial system to be an attractive strength for coming here. That is not true where the judicial system is involved in partisan politics. Judges cannot act as objectively and independently if they know that under the law and the facts they must rule against a significant contributor to their retention campaigns. Too much of what has been said on the other side of this issue has been misleading or simply not true. These justices are not soft on crime. Their decisions have been based on the facts and the law. They are also not unfriendly to business. Please vote to retain these three justices.


Obama world view wrong for America

The Obama administration:

• Fostered the most comprehensive takeover of the private sector in Obamacare with a more than 2,000-page bill that even the Democratic House speaker at the time said she would have to read after it passed to know what was in it.

• Tried to misinform us on the attack in Benghazi, and we still do not have all the facts as to why help wasn't sent.

• Had the IRS target conservative groups, and the commissioner took the fifth; now e-mails are missing.

• Has not enforced immigration laws as required by our Constitution and not secured the border. Has issued executive orders that violate the law. Knowingly allowed thousands of illegal children to cross our borders when as early as February knew they were coming. But the Obama administration does not care; it has a world view in which this special nation which has done so much for the world must not be allowed to be any better than any other, and it is succeeding! How much more are we to take before we throw the rascals out?


Fleischmann the 'worst'

I am a 71-year-old and have always voted Republican. I think we have two very good senators in Lamar Alexander and especially Bob Corker, who I sometimes think is the only person in Washington who has any sense. I think he would make an excellent president, and I would support him. However, I think we have the worst congressman in the House ever. He has done nothing good for his constituents. He will not support increasing revenues to replace the Chickamauga lock through user fees that barge owners would pay. So who now will pay for the lock? You and me. Chuck "Do Nothing" Fleischmann, Scottie "Know Nothing" Mayfield (except how to make and market wonderful dairy products that sell at a premium price because they are so good), and Chip "Dirty Politics" Saltzman deserve each other. Last primary, 63 percent of Republicans voted against Fleischmann. I urge my fellow Republicans to do so again and vote for Weston Wamp. Let's get someone in Congress who will do something.


Graham deserves four more years

I would like to thank Joe Graham for this past term in office. Joe has done an outstanding job as our Hamilton County commissioner for District 6. John Brooks had this job before Joe, and didn't do much for our district. He attended very few meetings in the Lookout Valley area. I would encourage my friends in Lookout Valley to get out and vote for Joe Graham for Hamilton County commissioner District 6. Together, let's put Joe in office for another term.