Rights said to be violated by police and other letters to the editors

Rights said to be violated by police and other letters to the editors

August 11th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Rights said to be violated by police

Our culture is sinking fast; has it always been this way? I don't recall bullying law enforcement except in a few cases. I don't remember politicians using their offices to enforce laws for personal gain. That is: I don't remember from experience.

However, Aug. 2, 2014, I watched while uniformed policemen required American citizens, gathered in a public place, to show IDs and even took notes of personal information. This was in violation of the citizens' constitutional rights. The story the policemen told was that a bomb scare had been reported. However, there were at least two individuals in the park, one eating a sandwich and another lettering a protest sign, not asked for their ID.

Reason tells me the area would not have been manned by a half dozen uniformed cops in squad cars. So what was the reason for the cops to manhandle private materials of individuals when they were exercising their constitutional rights? Was it deliberate intimidation? Were they directed to act that way by some individual who stood to gain from a reduced or quieted anti-political rally? Or has our culture so deteriorated that anarchy is just around the corner from tyranny?


Jobs keeping masses from learning truth

One thing about living 75 years is you notice things over time. The stars are disappearing from dirt in the air and wasted energy from lights shining into the sky.

The winds and storms are increasing due to heating of the air from trapped heat. I predicted the high winds years ago, because my logic was with hot air rising faster over the equator and the cold air rushing in from the poles. The poles will warm due to all this air.

Then the dirt will blacken the ice, causing it to melt with warmer air and absorbing more heat from the sun.

The melt, along with the high winds, will raise the sea level. If you own stock in coal and oil, why should you care? You are making money and giving the masses low-paying jobs. Keep them ignorant and they will vote to keep their jobs. I hope you are enjoying your cool days in July and high tides on the coast.

BOBBY THOMPSON, Chickamauga, Ga.

Seething majority ready for revolt

We used to speak of a "silent majority" and wished they'd leave their La-Z-Boys and vote. Now I fear we're closer to a seething minority, realizing the inmates have truly taken over. We feel helpless!

Politicians go to D.C. with a moderate amount of money (mostly campaign contributions) and in a few years become millionaires. How?

We have intelligent people in D.C., but they are also - and all so - ignorant that they ignore the Constitution and common sense.

Our president, et al, spend hundreds of times more than their salaries flying around the world on pseudo assignments that accomplish little if anything other than fundraising for themselves or their party. Our president increased the Secret Service to an army of over 3,000! Oh for a Truman, who drove Bess and himself home without any!

W.R. BARGER, Monteagle, Tenn.