Wamp showed flaw in concession call - and more letters to the editors

Wamp showed flaw in concession call - and more letters to the editors

August 13th, 2014 by Terry Hasden in Opinion Letters

Wamp showed flaw in concession call

Those of us who did not vote for Weston Wamp because we felt there might be a flaw in his character should have no doubts about it now.

His concession phone call to Congressman Fleischmann shows an immature and childish nature that we don't need representing us in Washington.


Lookout parents, sons chastised

Several weeks ago I was the victim of your sons' bad behavior. As I drove down Ochs Highway near the Fairyland Club, my car was hit by a log hurled from above.

It cracked my windshield and destroyed my side-view mirror. Luckily I was able to stay on the road. The log did not come through the glass.

I turned back, saw two boys on a hidden bluff, went immediately to the police and filed a report. I was later advised by the police that your sons were caught and fully confessed to throwing the wood on my car as well as others.

I have no idea who you are. Your young men are considered juveniles. I have heard nothing at all from any of you -- no acknowledgement of responsibility by you as the parents or apology from your sons.

I paid to have my car repaired. Do you feel no probity to contribute?

I am so dismayed at the lack of courtesy or accountability by any of you to just do the right thing by simply saying "I am sorry."

How well are you modeling these values for your children?

ROWENA LEE BELCHER, Lookout Mountain, Ga.

City sewer fees called too high

I have a question which I hope others in the city have pondered. Why are our sewer rates so outrageously high?

For two retired people in a small townhouse with a very small lawn, our two-month water usage bill from Hixson Utility Water was around $24, yet the City of Chattanooga added a whopping $96 for the sewer portion.

Just imagine what the sewer fee should be for a family of five on an acre lot. We already pay what I consider a more than reasonable property tax in the city. This sewer fee seems like piling on.

Maybe others will begin to ask questions and look for answers.


Partner coverage a waste of city time

On the subject of the now-defeated proposal to have domestic partner insurance coverage for city employees: What in the heck was a housekeeping measure like this doing going before the City Council in the first place?

This is what happens when you start putting minutia in city charters. Once again Chattanooga shows a rare talent for complicating something simple.


Keep abortion debate civil

I feel compelled to respond to Ms. Toerne's letter of "rebuke" of Aug 9. Three points: 1) You suggest that "unplanned pregnancies should not happen -- we should have brains and education enough to avoid such unplanned events."

Thanks for the advice, but look around: Life happens. It's chaotic. Humans aren't robots. Not every action that we take is carefully analyzed and scripted. Sometimes we need a safety net for our mistakes, especially when they impact the community around us for years.

2) I found the general tone of your letter condescending. Remember that the issue is highly complex, medically and politically. Nobody has the authority to dole out absolute advice. It's emotionally charged affording numerous points of view.

3) Abortion is not the termination of an innocent life. In my view, life begins when an organism takes its first breath and can live outside the mother's body. You don't agree? That's OK. We can argue about when life begins ... and never agree on an answer. There are no universal or medical decrees clarifying the rights and wrongs of abortion. Hence, you fight for your view; I'll fight for mine. But let's keep our discourse civil. ROGER DAVIS

Wamp should be proud of campaign

Weston, you're almost there, so very close -- and making such a significant statement. It is a breath of fresh air to observe a young man who conducts himself with such integrity.

You are exactly what Washington needs -- you understand that the current regime doesn't get it and that Washington must do something different.

It appears that the voters seem to be content with our current state of affairs. I certainly am not -- I voted for change.

You presented creative ideas -- you and your staff managed your campaign at the highest level and never wavered. We need intelligent young people like you to lead the way. We need elected officials to stop all the noise and be willing to work together finding solutions for the tremendous issues that face our great nation.

The tireless campaign hours spent over the past months are not in vain. Hold your head high and be proud of your campaign. Use it as a learning experience and make the necessary adjustments to be successful when the next time rolls around.

Counting on you to get it done!


Southern values mocked elsewhere

The Bible Belt-whipping Americans in the South tout abstinence-only sex education, challenge the credibility of the scientific theory of evolution, believe God personally penned Genesis to Revelation, and generally discriminate against all groups besides straight white men while the rest of the country is thoroughly embarrassed at the mere mention of such atrocities taking place behind the cotton curtain.