Gay acceptance from Bible ignorance and other letters to the editors

Gay acceptance from Bible ignorance and other letters to the editors

August 14th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Gay acceptance from Bible ignorance

Mr. Cook, I agree with you that God loves the homosexual, and I think that adultery is a worse sin because more people are hurt. In the past, people in this world believed that it was a sin to be gay because everybody read the Bible and knew what it taught about being gay. Today, the majority of people have such an ignorance of the Bible that they accept homosexuality fully. Yes, Jesus would go to the civil ceremony of two gay people to try and influence them to turn away from such an immoral lifestyle before they ended up being separated from him forever. See Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-28 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.


The people have let politicians be corrupt

For a very long time, politics has become a money controlled entity, and we the American people let it happen. This is the greatest threat to our democracy. The politicians we elect are corrupt, and we the people let it happen. We elect those who dupe us in representing us, but when elected they abandon those causes for power and money. Politicians want you mad. They depend and thrive on it. This way, you will not ask them the tough questions or will forget about the questions. They want power, plain and simple, while we continue to suffer. Aren't you tired of being mad? Aren't you tired of not talking to your neighbors because each of you are so hard-core on what you believe that you forget these are the people you grew up with, your kids go to the same schools, breathe the same air and walk down the same streets? Remember this country was created for we the people, not we the lobbyists, not we the corporations, not we who have the influence.


Access to library asset for students

The city has done an amazing thing. Mayor Berke announced that all county students, K-12, will have free access to the wonderful learning opportunities afforded by the Chattanooga Public Library. Through these students, their families also will have free access. As far as I know, there was nothing which compelled the city to make this wonderful move. It is deserving of high praise and so important for our community. Thank you, Mayor Berke.


World Changers Host Thanks Food Donors

I want to express appreciation to the following businesses and merchants who gave generously to support World Changers through Cross Path @ East Ridge during the week of July 14: Bi-Lo, 3728 Ringgold Road; Little Caesar's Pizza, 3728 Ringgold Road; Village Market, Collegedale; McKee Foods (Little Debbie), Collegedale; Chattanooga Bakery (Moon Pie); M&M Mars, Cleveland; Panera Bread, 1810 Gunbarrel Road; Gollywhoppers Sandwich Shoppe, East Brainerd Road; Moe's Southwest Grill, 1820 Gunbarrel Road; Salsarita's of Chattanooga, 2115 Gunbarrel Road; Hungry Howie's Pizza, 4345 Ringgold Road; and Zaxby's, East Brainerd Road. Thank you for your donations.

MYRA BURGESS, Cross Path @ East Ridge

Post-election remarks show Wamp's colors

Weston Wamp's decided lack of class and civility in his post-election remarks serve to illustrate why some of us did not support him in his election bid. Even in the most bitterly contested campaigns, it is customary for the loser to congratulate the victor. Weston might consider how John McCain responded to Obama after losing a long and, at times, nasty presidential campaign. "I wish godspeed to the man who was my former opponent and will be my president," he said. Weston was correct on one point, however: His age certainly was a factor. Maybe with some more of it will come a degree of wisdom and maturity that will give him pause before making these types of remarks in the future.


Vote should awaken Fleischmann to job

An open letter to Congressman Chuck Fleischmann: Sir, 49.2 percent of voters in the Aug. 7 primary apparently disapprove of the job you are currently doing. That should be some kind of a wake-up call. You ran a negative campaign with no real word on what you were doing or would do for the 3rd District. Myself and several family members personally witnessed you at multiple campaign events and polling places. You are truly an angry congressman. Your shouts of "I am your congressman" seemed both arrogant and defensive. Almost a "how dare anyone run against me or question me" comment. Your negative attacks on Weston Wamp convinced just enough voters to get you re-elected. I hope that you will look at the results, wake up and do a better job for this district than you have done. Otherwise, it may be more than 49.2 percent in two years!


Cook column is wrong; domestic partners = sin

Mr. Cook, your column in the Chattanooga Times Free Press was blasphemy! God will not be mocked! All sin must be paid for; remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Domestic partners or whatever is sin and will be accounted for. We know the time is quickly approaching when Jesus will return, and the devil is working hard to deceive all. In the Middle East, hundreds of Christians are being killed, and atheists are working hard in America. Sir, you wrote over 560 words in your article on Aug. 8. I have 200 words or less. I can sum it all up with this: Ask God to forgive you, repent and be saved through Jesus Christ, or burn in hell!


Evil on the march against Christians

Christians in Iraq: beheaded, raped and hung. Christians in Nigeria: kidnapped, enslaved and murdered. Christianity in many Muslim countries: outlawed and believers persecuted, jailed and sometimes put to death. There is an underlying question here. Would I rather have a religion that teaches me to hate and kill or one that teaches me to love and forgive my enemies? Do I want a god who asks me to do detestable things to gain his favor or the God who gave his only son to die for the sins of the world? May America awaken from her slumber and pray against this evil that is marching relentlessly throughout the nations of the world.

SANDRA HARIS, Cloudland, Ga.