Wrong To Condemn choice of suicide and other letters to the editors

Wrong To Condemn choice of suicide and other letters to the editors

August 25th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Wrong To Condemn Choice Of Suicide

To say that suicide is a cowardly act is to commit a cowardly act against the deceased who cannot defend themselves. It is giving the deceased person a kick in the head, and it is an extreme unkindness directed at the deceased.

It shows an unkindness to those who mourn for the deceased. And it is also a lie. A coward would not be able to take his own life. A coward will do anything he can to save his life. It takes bravery for a person to make such a decision and go through with it.

A person's life belongs to the person. Robin Williams owned his own life. We all own our own lives. When people get to the point where they decide to pull the plug on themselves, they are within their rights as human beings. It is their business and their decision to make.

As fellow human beings, we can grieve over the decision and over the life that's gone, but it would be wrong to condemn the deceased and dishonor them because of their decision to leave the stage.


David Cook's Column 'Close To Blasphemy'

In my opinion, David Cook came very close to blasphemy in his article on Aug. 8. God did, in fact, create all things, but he created them in a pure and sinless state. Man, because of his lust, has perverted sex and turned it into something vile and sinful. According to his article, God is also a pedophile, an adulterer, a murderer, etc. If he is trying to say God loves all sinners, that is right on target, but this is one time he missed it big time.

God will forgive the homosexual, as well as the pedophile, but he would never condone the sin.

Jesus would never attend a homosexual wedding, unless it was to preach repentance or to pronounce judgment on those who rejected his forgiveness.

I know I will be labeled as homophobic, but before you be so quick to judge, I had several friends at work who were homosexual, and if you could speak with them, they would tell you I never mistreated them. Also my wife and I were at the hospital with a friend the night he died after contracting AIDS from living a gay lifestyle.


Kerry Given His Talking Points

Secretary of State John Kerry has moved to a new battleground since his successes in Israel, Iran and the Ukraine have been lacking. He now wants to interject his square jaw into global warming.

This is not surprising since a leaked memo from the Democratic National Committee (which was reprinted in The Washington Post) gave specific details on how to promote Obama's plan to whip the country into a frenzy over the "dangers" of global warming. The memo from Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray urges all Democrats to start talking about how climate change will hurt the federal budget.

There are no concrete facts in the memo, just details on ways to promote their radical agenda.

WILLIAM GODSEY, Crossville, Tenn.

Voting seen as futile act

Why vote? Princeton University has conducted two studies recently which conclude first, that the United States is ruled by an oligarchy of wealthy individuals and corporations, and second, that the political activity of the rest of the populace has no effect on domestic or foreign policy.

Yes, we are cannon fodder for the oligarchies' imperialist wars and villains on our master's estate fit to be plucked and fleeced. Further, our allegiance to a political party is a farce for the ages as it matters not which group controls government because the oligarchy has bought them both. Consider immigration as an example of an issue that voters want solved, yet since the 1980s no president or Congress regardless of party will secure the border, remove illegals and control immigration. Voting only legitimizes our vassalage and subordination to the oligarchs.

Why vote when the outcome is rigged so that only a few are heard?