Something fishy in Marion County - and more letters to the editors

Something fishy in Marion County - and more letters to the editors

February 5th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Something fishy in Marion County

What is missing in this situation with Marion County and the bike rider who was assaulted by teens on a TVA Raccoon Mountain road?

Is the 12th Judicial District attorney general, Mike Taylor, waiting on more evidence? What?

In your first reports, it appeared that a very dangerous situation had happened to an innocent biker one afternoon as he rode on a Raccoon Mountain road. However, I have waited to read/hear of charges being placed against the young men who harassed him in the beginning, left, came back in another vehicle, and then attacked him with a water gun full of mace.

Oh, it happened in Marion County, so they are handling it. Well, do they follow the same guidelines everyone else does in the state?

Oh, yes, the reports have been turned over to the district attorney and he will make a statement in one, two, or three days. And this happened, how many weeks ago? T

his is an embarrassment to Tennessee, our law enforcement community, county, and state governments and me. If it smells like fish, looks like fish, than it is probably fish! Something is sure fishy about this case!


Expand Medicaid in Tennessee

Our governor has not expanded the state's Medicaid program for low-income Tennesseans. Because of this inaction, Tennessee stands to lose an estimated $6 billion from Washington over the next 5 1/2 years. Everyone in Tennessee will be paying for that in one way or another!

Check Kentucky's success following Medicaid expansion. Of course, they have a Democratic governor.

People ask "why we should pay for someone else's health insurance." Actually, we've been paying much more already. Health care is delivered to uninsured people who go to emergency rooms because they can't even pay to visit a doctor. A large part of increases in insurance premiums is due to those losses that hospitals incur.

The insurance companies then pass those losses on to us all in the form of higher premiums.

We come in contact daily with people who have no insurance. If they get a contagious disease, we are all exposed. Health insurance for all protects the general public's health.

It's a matter of common sense for people to have preventive care in the early stages rather than wait until it is more debilitating and much more expensive.

WALTER M. BENTON, Signal Mountain

Beware executive orders

I see a dangerous pattern developing with [a new] executive order, raising the minimum wage for some federal workers.

Although this order will have very little effect, it and others to follow will set the groundwork for the one he really wants, a limitation on firearms ownership.

After a series of ineffective executive orders, everyone will get used to the idea and will not notice so much when he slips one in that does matter.

These frustrated people actually believe they are smarter than everyone else and will do an end-run around our Congress as a last farewell from a lame duck.

Are you watching?

H. RANDALL McGINNIS, Cleveland, Tenn.