Rumancik column has weak arguments - and more letters to the editors

Rumancik column has weak arguments - and more letters to the editors

February 11th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Rumancik column has weak arguments

Pam Rumancik's recent pro-choice opinion exemplifies the weaknesses of purely pathetic argument without ethics and logic. Her tolerance for cognitive dissonance is stunning. She claims to be pro-life while siding with millions of women who hired abortionists to murder their children.

Her logic on abortion could also ethically justify rape. While asserting men's inability to accept women's refusals "because it was the only thing they could do," one could write, "I am profoundly pro-woman. I am also deeply committed to every man's inherent right to make these difficult decisions in private. It's not a government decision."

All one need do is ignore women the way Rumancik ignores children and respond "with compassion, support and respect, not condemnation and harassment" toward the rapists while dismissing rape as "an unfortunate confluence of events" because men "should have autonomy over their reproductive health, with support of family and loved ones, not interference by the government."

Something is deep here but it's not Rumancik's insight. Despite her assertion to the contrary, the women who had abortions also had choices, and like Rumancik, they chose to respect "the inherent worth, dignity and autonomy of every single person" - except the one in the womb.


The college double standard

There was an announcement in today's news about a young man at Notre Dame High School who is being eagerly sought by several universities because of his prowess in football. He will be able to select a school that will then - in essence - pay him to attend.

I was saddened because I heard no similar report of the many Chattanooga students who are outstanding chemists, engineers, mathematicians, biologists. The difference of course, is that football players excite millions of people to pay billions of dollars to watch them run back and forth.

Brilliant science and mathematics students who will make discoveries which will advance mankind, perhaps saving millions of lives, have to pay a fortune to go to those same universities. No one cares. Sad.