Free trade and Volkswagen and other letters to the editors

Free trade and Volkswagen and other letters to the editors

February 21st, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Free trade and Volkswagen

With the UAW vote over with and all the rhetoric from our local and national politicians quiet for the moment, let us look at the real factor for acquiring a new production line at the Chattanooga VW plant. This is the second time Chattanooga has been in consideration for a VW expansion, with VW choosing Mexico the last time. The issue is not one of union representation; it is one of free trade status. Vehicles produced in Mexico enjoy free status due to Mexican politicians seeing the big global picture, which allows manufacturers there to compete worldwide. As long as the United States chooses not to participate in worldwide free trade, our United States manufacturers (VW included) will be limited in their markets. Sen. Corker, I believe this is an issue you can have an impact on.


Understanding the Muslim way

Killing in the name of Allah in the Muslim society is not news; it is a way of life. Recently, 13 people were killed while enjoying a romantic movie in a crowded theater in Pakistan. Righteous Muslims took responsibility, declaring that the movie was obscene and influenced by Western culture. Some Muslims are motivated by their religious belief that they must destroy whatever conflicts with true Islam. They are a dangerous enemy of civilized society. In Islam there is a specific doctrine of "absolute submission" that motivates Muslims to obey Allah and his messenger. For Muslims, obedience is important because it opens the gates of paradise. Lack of obedience is sure hell. Those who obey, fight and die for Islam, Allah has a ready paradise for them. To win the favor of Allah, Muslims take very seriously the mandate to kill infidels and immoral people. It is really all about getting into paradise! The West and Americans have a hard time understanding this doctrine. They wonder, "Are they all just crazy?" I can assure you, these people are not crazy. They are following a religion. If you understand this, none of their actions will even surprise you.

AMOS TAJ, Ooltewah

Let voters be signers

Regarding the petition to recall Chris Anderson, I believe if anyone in District 7 did not vote in the general election, they should not be allowed to sign the petition.


Sierra Club and volunteers

Contrary to Mr. Carr's assertion in Louie Brogdon's article in Thursday's edition, that we environmentalists constitute an "industry," let me point out first and foremost that my, and my organization's - the Sierra Club - advocacy on behalf of Tennessee's environment is all done by citizen volunteers. We don't get paid one thin dime for what we do. We do it because we love the natural heritage of this state, and because of what that heritage means for the ordinary people of Tennessee. If that makes us an industry, then what does that make those entities whose sole purpose for existence is making a profit? And who contributes to politicians' campaigns to keep making those profits; and in the case of the coal industry take most of those profits out of state? Yes, we oppose coal. It is the dirtiest fuel on this planet, which causes far more damage to peoples' environment and health than could ever be justified by the money that coal companies make from it. Mr. Carr says the coal industry means a lot to the communities where it takes place. Maybe he should stop and talk to the members of those communities instead of the local politicians who benefit from those severance taxes he thinks so highly of.

AXEL C. RINGE, New Market, Tenn.

Weary of the cartoonist

Has Mr. Bennett so exhausted every possible angle to show his hatred for the Republican Party that he now has to resort to the local weather for material? (I am still trying to figure out his -Feb. 14 slap at the GOP.) Mr. Bennett's expression of his one-dimensional passion has grown tiresome.

DAN S. SAWYER, Signal Mountain

Obama tied to unions

In (a recent) article regarding President Obama's inaccurate comments regarding the UAW vote at VW, to be accurate, you should have reported that Obama received political contributions from the UAW in his first election. That also is the reason the local Democratic politicians were so much for the UAW. They get tons of money extracted from many union members who wouldn't give otherwise.


Lessons from Vietnam

Hey, I have a great idea on how to curb the multibillion-dollar opium trade in Afghanistan that has America hooked. Spray the fields with Agent Orange. The government didn't hesitate to spray us or innocent civilians in Vietnam.

BILLY MARTIN, Vietnam vet Cleveland, Tenn.

Death penalty proposal

Let the family of the murdered victim execute the inmate the same way they killed their victim. Execution problem solved.

MITCH BOWMAN, Chickamauga, Ga.