Smith commentary hits the mark and other letters to the editors

Smith commentary hits the mark and other letters to the editors

February 22nd, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Smith commentary hits the mark

I would like to say thank you to Robin Smith for her commentary, "The war on compassion." Once again, Mrs. Smith has done an outstanding job of exposing an organization that has been given tax-exempt status by the federal government for many wrong reasons. There are many people who should know right from wrong, but organizations like the American Humanist Association confuse, deceive and corrupt the very morals of our society. Mrs. Smith stated, "The irony gets so thick a chain saw is needed." She was too kind. It is obvious the hypocrites within the American Humanist Association really do not care about humans at all. I examined their 2012 IRS form 990 and found that at the beginning of 2012 they had total assets of $4.9 million and at the end of the year $1.4 million. How many poor humans were fed out of that $3.5 million? The AHA claims they do "good without a god." I declare the truth, "There is no good without God." The war on compassion will continue because of these godless organizations and the federal government which continues to approve of these groups.


Gook luck to Clint Cooper

Many thanks to the newspaper for recognizing Clint Cooper's great talent and giving him the editorial post. My friends and I read every word of his faith stories for years. Clint is not only a gifted writer, but also well respected in our community as a gentleman of great family values. Thank you, Free Press! Like Mark Kennedy, Clint Cooper is one of our newspaper's greatest treasures!

BETTY LATHAM, Chattanooga

Vote on Nov. 4

The Republican Party backroom plotters have, indeed, authorized the abandonment of us conservative voters and empowered its Washington minions to assist in this destruction. This includes disassociation from the tea party, the very group which was responsible for the huge off-year victory in 2010. This victory was accomplished despite a Democrat majority in the Senate, complete ownership of the mainstream news media, domination of the Supreme Court, never-ending liberal verdicts from federal judges, and public lies emanating directly from the White House. Conservatives can take the Senate in this year's national elections and the presidency in 2016 if they will band together as they did in 2010. But this fear of liberalism must end, for liberals are outnumbered, yet they depend on the ignorant, uninformed, illegals, unions and those waiting for more handouts to keep them in power. Eric Holder will block any impeachment attempt, so the voting booth is our last resort on Nov. 4.


What about the working man?

Congratulations, Tennesseans, you have managed once again to bow to scaremongering and muckraking by our reactionary legislators both state and federal. This works council wanted by Volkswagen would have established a collaborative, inclusive plant organization between management and workers used successfully for years by every Volkswagen plant in the world! Rather than listening to Sen. Corker or our esteemed governor, business owners, who certainly wouldn't want any worker organization going on, should look to what has worked to make Volkswagen the success it is. To hear Bob Corker tell workers to look to Detroit for the way this would have worked, or to hear our state legislators threats regarding tax incentives, showed their true colors regarding who they represent. It certainly isn't the working man. Volkswagen seems to be the only entity that truly remained neutral in this whole exercise.

JOSEPH S. HODGIN, Cleveland, Tenn.

Protect institution of marriage

I seem to remember a time when a bride dressed modestly on her wedding day. No shoulders or cleavage showing -- her dress featuring a full flowing skirt, not a form fitting, tight gown which showed off her many curves. It was a testimony to her virgin state and wish to join in another state with the mate of her choice. There was dignity and grace in the occasion. One man, one woman. Nature does not provide any living creature with union with a member of its own sex. It is not productive, and takes the meaning of sex to another level. To co-habit with a member of one's own sex is fine -- to take a sacred ceremony like marriage to the level of union on all levels is an insult to nature and God. So says the Bible. For anyone to soil the true meaning of marriage in such a way is an indication of the lowering of morals and ethics so common in our society today. When you live in a society with rules, they are meant to be followed. I find it most disheartening for states to think the Constitution allows such immorality. One can "interpret" anything as he sees fit. The Supreme Court is taking us down the road to dangerous places. Heaven help our future generations!

PEARL RANDAZZO, Pikeville, Tenn.