Don't make our mornings darker and other letters to the editors

Don't make our mornings darker and other letters to the editors

February 23rd, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Don't make our mornings darker

Not everyone understands the concept behind daylight savings time (DST). Let's pretend that in Tennessee from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. it is dark, and from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. it is light. Say farmers and schoolchildren start their mornings at 6 a.m. as it turns from dark to light. Daylight savings time changes that, making it turn from darkness to light at 7 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. State Rep. Curry Todd proposes to put Tennessee on permanent DST saying: "It will be great for farmers ... great for schoolchildren." No. It will keep them in total darkness an extra hour in the mornings, making it worse for them, not better. People get confused because we call it Spring Forward, but in actuality we rotate a 24 hour wheel back one hour. Make a circle with 6 at the top and bottom, lay it on a surface black on the left and white on the right, and rotate that circle so that 7 now appears at the division between night and day, and it becomes much clearer to understand.


Parents, be good examples

Near the end of a recent youth athletic event, there was a very close call made and not everyone agreed with the call. One fan/parent took it so far as to continue disagreeing with the call, calling the person who made the call a "cheater" and wishing that person would have his "tail" whipped. This fan's pre-teen child was right there. Parents, have you considered what you are teaching your children with such actions? Because children are good observers but poor interpreters of what they observe, the lesson they are likely learning is lack of respect for authority. Athletic event officials, whether they are paid or volunteer, strive to make the right call. They don't always get it right, but they have been granted the authority to make the call, and we all serve our children best by respecting that authority. We can be disappointed the call went against our child/team, but don't let your actions undermine your children's view of authority. Youth athletics is more about teaching children life lessons (personal effort, teamwork, discipline, fitness, disappointments, respect for authority, etc.) than about training them for athletic prowess. The life lessons remain long after won/lost records are forgotten.

DENNIS URBANIAK, Signal Mountain

Support our own colleges

It bothers me that Gov. Haslam is advertising on television for WGU -- a private online university. Tennessee has an online university that is administered by the Tennessee Board of Regents. Regents Online Campus Collaborative is supported by Tennessee tax dollars and is available through the Regents' universities, community colleges, and Tennessee colleges for Applied Technology. Further, the governor has authorized WGU to accept Tennessee lottery scholarships. When the lottery was being passed, it was proposed as a means to provide funding for scholarships to state-supported, post-secondary institutions. Why would the governor see the need to advertise for WGU? Would it be that Tom Ingram is the CEO of WGU? Follow the money.

THOMAS SMITH, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Real reason behind recall

We are recalling a member of the city council for poor performance? Lack of performance? Ineptness? He hasn't solved the gang problems in his part of the burg or gotten enough potholes fixed? Is anyone in this city really buying his hokum? Under this illusion, we have justification to recall the whole bunch. Just as I stuck up for Phil Robertson for exercising his right to his opinion, I would be remiss in duty and deed if I did not stick up for Mr. Anderson. He is getting a raw deal, and any thinking person in this city knows the petition for his recall has nothing to do with his performance. Welcome to Dogpatch.


Obama repays union debts

Why is it so bad for Sen. Corker and the Governor to get involved with the UAW vote and then our unblemished president jumps in and backs the union. The Senator and Governor are trying to protect jobs in the state that they are responsible for. The people that worked to get VW in the city of Chattanooga should try and protect it; on the other hand our national leader is only trying to repay the union for helping to get him elected twice to a job that is far over his understanding. People must understand that 80 percent of what our president is doing in his last term (unless he changes the law with his pen) is repaying his big money people by appointing them as ambassadors. I could go on and on about his overstepping his job description and say to him don't sweat what the states are doing for their people. You should be trying to do as as good of job for the country as they are trying to do for the state.


Protect kids in our parks

When I take my kids to the park, I teach them about taking turns, enjoying fresh air, and seeing different parts of our great city. I suppose now I will teach my children what to do if they see a gun there since the Tennessee Senate has lost its collective mind and passed a law allowing guns in parks. Could I possibly rely on Rep. McCormick and others to act with a little more intelligence on behalf of constituents who want common sense gun laws? Could the entire House show some respect to the families of Tennessee and rebel against this insane bill from the Senate? I can only hope. In a country where school shootings are a monthly occurrence, and people get shot for texting during a movie, it would be so nice to have politicians actually care about us instead of the money they get from the gun lobby.


In support of Perry Perkins

For some reason, my friend Perry Perkins has decided to enter politics. I have known Perry for more than 40 years. We started out coaching at the Harrison Recreation Fast Pitch Softball league. Since that time, I have known Perry to be always involved helping out. He has over the years been a friend and supporter of law enforcement, numerous charities and his community. When I first heard Perry was going to seek a seat on the County Commission, I asked why. The truth is I already knew.He cares and wants to help make changes that will benefit his community and the citizens of Hamilton County. That is how Perry Perkins has always been. He takes care of his family and is always ready to help others. If Perry was not a friend, I would vote for him based on the person he is. Perry Perkins will be a benefit to all of Hamilton County.


President Obama is the outsider

Pointing out that hypocrisy is inherent in politics is similar in difficulty to pointing out from which direction the sun will rise. However, the chorus of local and national elected Democrats stating ad infinitum that there were outside interests at work impeding the unionization of the VW plant will find a place in the political hypocrisy hall of fame. If the UAW and its related minions are not "outside interests," then President Obama never said, "If you like your insurance, you can keep it." When President Obama, the ultimate outside interest, was quoted Friday as saying, "Everyone was in favor of the UAW representing Volkswagen except for local politicians who are more concerned about German shareholders than American workers," he not only demonstrated his penchant for hyperbolic rhetoric but that he needs to expand his sources for determining the direction of sentiment, at least when it comes to a vote at the Chattanooga VW plant.

FRED DECOSIMO, Signal Mountain