Give peace a chance - and more letters to the editors

Give peace a chance - and more letters to the editors

January 1st, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Give peace a chance

"When Quirinius was governor of Syria," (Luke 2:2), captures a geography and a particular man from a moment in history. What history will be written when Assad was governor of Syria?

Will the prayers of Pope Francis move the conscience? Or will the slaughter of innocents continue? Will children in Aleppo, Gaza, Egypt, Pakistan, and even children in schools in America continue to be victims in a culture of weapons that "out-Herods" Herod.

Politics cannot depend on the distant voices of Robert Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, or Gandhi. These syllables are lost in the wind.

Can power ever be associated with peace?

We seem to place our bets on the altar of Moloch rather than the stable in Bethlehem. If the word was made flesh, we seem to choose to perforate it with bullets, bombs, and bombast while wars drone on without end.

KEMMER ANDERSON, Signal Mountain

Sin separates man from God

Those who have stated that they feel the Christian stand against homosexuality shows bigotry and hate do not understand the love of God.

We are all sinners, and sin separates man from God. The love of God gave us a way to be free from sin (John 3:16).

The love of God makes us aware of what is sinful. Christians show their love for others by telling them what is sinful.

To fail to do so would not be love. It would be indifference.


Let tonsils be tonsils

More than 100 years ago, there were doctors who believed that the tonsils were given to us by nature to protect the human body from certain infections. These doctors were snubbed by their colleagues and by the industry.

The fact is that when the body is attacked under certain conditions, the tonsils become inflamed and respond to the enemy. The invader is destroyed, and lastly the tonsils return to their normal size and condition to prepare for their next battle.

Today, more than 100 years later, the medical industry, in its self-imposed blindness, still removes infected tonsils. We, the brainwashed public, still accept this as reasonable medical treatment.

It is time for we the people to wake up.

There is too much wrong with the medical industry. Just way too much.

ROBERT E. CATALANO, Walpole, Mass.