Quoting Bible an act of love and other letters to the editors

Quoting Bible an act of love and other letters to the editors

January 2nd, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Quoting Bible an act of love

Quoting or reading Bible verses to someone when it offends them is called a hate crime or hate speech. Wonder what it is called when someone hollers very loudly in a hateful way and curses you? What is it called when a group of people are suddenly shot at randomly? What is it called when someone tries to make you fight, or your life is threatened? How about when someone almost forces you to engage in road rage? What is it called? Did you ever think people care about you when quoting Bible verses to you to warn you about God's vengeance or wrath? He gave us the Bible to teach us how to live or how not to live so we can go to heaven.


Link for comic fans

For all the Judge Parker fans, I have found a website where you can follow this comic strip and pick it up on the date is was canceled by this paper. Here it is: http://www.nj.com/comics-kingdom/index.ssf?feature_id=Judge_Parker. Enjoy.

JOHN SARGENT Chattanooga

Thanks to Sen. Corker

My father recently moved from another state, and we had an issue with Medicare not wanting to contract with a durable medical equipment provider due to a previous contract in another state. Senator Corker's Chattanooga staff responded quickly to our request for assistance, and we had a positive response from Medicare. Thank you so much for your help.


Why don't we vote them out?

Ain't Congress great? They just passed their budget that included reducing pensions for veterans, but kept their pension intact -- and it was signed into law by the president. Now the president went to Hawaii for another vacation, and Congress went on another of their numerous vacations and will pat themselves on the back for the great job they are doing. Why is Congress great? They must be because the voters are going to run out and re-elect them in the next election. There has just been a poll that said Congress is the worst ever, but why should they care when they know they will get re-elected? You have to admit it must be great when one week we complain about Congress and the next week after the election we see the same old tired faces. Gotta love it.

JACK PINE, Dunlap, Tenn.