UPS didn't ruin Christmas - and more letters to the editors

UPS didn't ruin Christmas - and more letters to the editors

January 7th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

UPS didn't ruin Christmas

Now, let me think this through. UPS was late in delivering some Christmas presents, so on MSNBC, they said some Christmases were ruined.

Now, call me a traditionalist, but what is the true meaning of Christmas? Presents or the birth of our Savior?

You decide, I guess.


Don't discount martial law

In an attempt to debunk the possibility of martial law in America, the creator of the 12/29/13 letter "Race War Letter Stretches Belief" victimized himself.

By employing Thomas Jefferson's quote "to expect to be both free and ignorant is to expect something that never was and never will be" and then stating later that the U.S. Supreme Court stole the 2000 election from Al Gore and gave it to George Bush, he exposed an unflattering flaw in his knowledge.

Many Americans living today struggled through the early part of the 20th century and can vouch for what happened.

Hardships spawned by those years greatly affected everyone and created a common feeling of national pride that prevailed into the latter half of the century.

After the country's economy began to recover from the effects of the Great Depression and war years, the big government progressives emerged from their hiding places and began their quest to create their utopian social welfare state.

Reportedly, it numbers around 50 million people today. When the time comes, this body of conscripts will provide big government all of the catalyst it needs to declare martial law.

Two events that may change American history: (1) impeachment and conviction of the president or (2) executive nullification of the 22nd Amendment.