Hall Tax explained - and more letters to the editors

Hall Tax explained - and more letters to the editors

January 8th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Hall Tax explained

In a letter published on Jan. 6, the writer stated that capital gains derived from the sale of property and stocks are taxable in Tennessee at a 6 percent rate. In fact, that income is specifically excluded from Tennessee's income tax, commonly known as the Hall Tax.

Capital gains distributions from mutual funds are, however, taxable. This information is available in the instructions for Tennessee's individual tax form and is available at the Tennessee Department of Revenue Website.


Change happens at the polls

Obamacare has now had its big roll-out and has been exposed as a colossal failure. Most of Obama's policies have been supported by a weak scaffold of rhetoric; this probably is the most egregious example.

When his eponymous health care introduction flopped so miserably Obama's solution was a speaking tour. At least naming this disaster after himself is fitting as his hubris would be satisfied by nothing less.

We Americans should have known better than to elect a bumbling community organizer for the most important job in the world. This brings to mind the soldier that prayed' "please God come help us and don't send Jesus, this is no job for a boy."

What is desperately needed is real leadership; which should not be confused with administration.

This administration is like an Augean stable that demands sweeping with an iron broom. I suppose even Hercules could not clean up this mess.

Fortunately we have the chance for real change with mid-term elections. Remember who wronged you at the polls. Not all is bleak for us however, as Winston Churchill said, "America can always be counted on to do the right thing -- after they have tried everything else."


Support our local library

I was disappointed to read a recent letter's criticism -- "Library Going Downhill." I utilize our libraries several times weekly.

What wonderful free access to books, DVDs, magazines, PCs, fax, copy machines, free concerts, free exercise classes, children's activities, and good cheap coffee served with a smile.

The staff is well trained, professional and very willing to assist members. The director has updated the environments, and I observed professional development training of staff at their terminals.

They deserve our appreciation for improving free access to all city citizens.