Beware the foxes and other letters to the editors

Beware the foxes and other letters to the editors

January 9th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Beware the foxes

Foxes vastly outnumber hens in this country, and they each get a vote as to what to have for dinner. Problem is only hens are working, and there are 108 million freeloading foxes.


A bird's story

When I read the article "Bird Steals Wildlife Camera" in your newspaper recently, I was reminded of an incident which happened to my dear mother some years ago. She was a librarian and took her lunch to a park nearby to eat it. She put her lunch and car keys on a picnic table and proceeded to open her sandwich. A hawk swooped by, landed on the table, clutched her keys, and flew off! She picked up her orange, to tempt the bird back, but to no avail. He gave her a doubtful glance, and off he flew! In desperation, she called my father, and he came to get her with an extra set of keys! My brother, when he heard the story, told us he knows the car thief the bird works for! We never saw the keys again!

SALLY HENDRICK, Pikeville, Tenn.

Video games aren't evil

Why do some children not play video games? Video games have been thought of as evil for many years. Video games can be beneficial to those who play them. According to the Entertainment Software Association, 58 percent of Americans play video games. The average age of gamers ranges from 17-30, which makes up almost 29 percent of Chattanooga's population. Cognitive thinking action games have been thought to cause gamers to become violent, because several involve high-risk scenarios. Studies have shown that action video games can actually be quite helpful to the mentality of those who play them. Video games can improve problem-solving skills. Children have to learn problem-solving skills, they are not innate. Therefore, with the help of video games, a child can solve problems much quicker than those without video game playing. Although video games are thought to be of no benefit to children, parents should give them a try. While being played too often or for the wrong reasons can be harmful for children and teens, a little video game playing in order to learn is actually very beneficial. It could possibly mean improving a child's well-being.

HANNAH MORTON Springfield, Tenn.

Mother Nature has her ways

(Recently) while driving through the green areas of our subdivision, I came upon some Canada geese crossing the road in front of me. The closer I got to a mother goose and her chicks, the more nervous she became. Sensing danger, she increased her pace knowing she could make it to safety, but what about her children? Looking back ,she was horrified knowing they could never survive. Back and forth her head moved as if evaluating what to do. Turning around she immediately guided her kids out of harm's way. As I reflect on the tenderness of this incident, I am moved by thoughts of a loving creator who values the safety of birds and humanity.