Advice on police blotter and other letters to the editors

Advice on police blotter and other letters to the editors

January 13th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Advice on police blotter

I know sometimes change is inevitable, but some changes are just not necessary. Can anyone figure out the police blotter page? The codes mean nothing to the general public, so why not just list the number of emergency calls and leave it at that.

BETTY EWING, Signal Mountain

Get government out of health care

The Affordable Care Act was passed by a Democrat Senate and House and signed by a Democrat president. It was upheld by the Supreme Court as a TAX. It will insure the poor and others who don't work, but those who do will pay for it. Already people are finding that their premium payments for health insurance will increase and some are going to triple. Meanwhile, big business, some unions, Congress and other "special" people are exempt from this "wonderful" law. If it's so great why are there all of these special groups permitted to opt out? There are now three classes of people in this country. The elite in Washington, the working people who pay for everything, and the poor, handicapped and slugs who get benefits from workers. Charities used to take care of the poor, and I never had health insurance until the 1980s as most of the people I knew at that time. Insurance has raised the cost of health care and government-run health care will raise the cost exponentially. Look at how the government took care of the Indians (Native Americans) to see how they'll take care of our health care.

GAIL CRAGG, Turtletown, Tenn.

Support for Robertson

Thank you, Phil Robertson, for standing up for (God) and his words. We need more God-loving people to stand up. Leviticus 18, Verse 22.


Christians are under assault

After the death and resurrection of Jesus, he became the Christ of faith to his followers. Since then his followers have been under assault and still are in certain parts of the world. From Syria to Iraq to Egypt and other Islamic countries, Islamists are killing Christians. The followers of Jesus face violence and terror and declining of churches. Islamic extremist-demanding Christians convert to Islam, pay an exorbitant tax, or face death. While Iraq and Syria have seen the worst widespread violence against Christians, some of the most violence has taken place in Egypt. Despite Islamic violence, this is not the darkest moment in the history of Christians in the Middle East. Amid all the violence, death and destruction, Christians are able to survive by holding to two things -- their faith and their fellowship with other Christians. Christianity can bring a role model, a founder -- Jesus and his immediate followers -- who were not warriors trying to establish political power, but to pray for their adversaries, bring peace and goodwill among humankind. That is the kind of faith lived that keeps Christianity vibrant that hinges more on the quality of faith than on violence and hate.

AMOS TAJ, Ooltewah

Look at the past

I heard on TV that President Bush got his bipartisan Congress of 2006 to extend unemployment benefits with ease and it was considered good for the economy and American people. Can't this leadership be followed again in the same way?